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Update 3.1 Related Issues

by MaxisBazajaytee

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Update 3.1 Related Issues

EA Sims Team

Update 3.1 is available for download - 


If you install this update and happen to experience any issues you didn't previously have in Update 3.0 please report them here. This does not include lost cities or unable to process messages. We are aware of those and are working to recover those cities.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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You guys at Maxis/EA just dont get it do you....?

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

★★★★★ Novice

Thanks once again for all your hard work!!!

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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It seems like the sound issue is worse.  At some point when I click on a building then click out of it, the sound effect for the building plays in a continuous loop.  This happens about 5 minutes into gameplay.  I can exit back to the menu to stop it, but the problem comes back a lot sooner, so the only option is to restart the game entirely.  I basically have to do this now every 5 minutes.

North America East 3
Asus G75V
Intel Core i7 3610QM
Windows 7

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

EA Sims Team

Thanks for your report tacojim05 we are taking a look into this.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

★★★★ Newbie

My mouse is now not tracking correctly. I must move to the right to activate any buttons and can't use the bulldozer at all. 

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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EA Sims Team

bueyd58 can you elaborate a little?

You have to move your mouse to the right before any of your mouse buttons will activate? Is this all the time? Do you have to keep moving right for the mouse buttons to work?


What happens when you try to use the bulldozer? Can you click the icon but can't bulldoze buildings or can you not activate the bulldozer?


What is your machine setup? Do you use a desktop PC or a laptop? What specifications is your machine?

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

[ Edited ]
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I know you don't 'officially' support mods, but Maxis seems to encourage them nevertheless as the daring few who step outside the boundaries


Unfortunately the latest 3.1 update broke the "plop outside city boundaries" mod by restricting the camera to within the box.


Before we could double right click to view anywhere in the region and then place buildings there with the mod enabled

Here's a quote from the brains behind the mod (ProcsKalone):


"Btw please note that it seems Maxis has fixed the Camera and now we are unable to go out of the box again  I am trying to figure out if its something they did but the only things I can see are a couple main JS files were edited from the patch downloader but there were also some props that were updated and im not sure if these unknown props deal with the camera as most of the JS changes don't seem to be related to the camera though I may have not seen right."


I know mods aren't the primary concern, but it would be great to keep compat with the most popular mod or two--or at least test with them.


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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

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Regional students still don't make it to schools. can't get university up to full level because of. ZERO regional students, despite saying that 9000 students are incoming.


Plenty of trading depots but buildings are still being abandoned due to no trading options.

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Re: Update 3.1 Related Issues

★★★★ Novice

Maxis, you needed one week just to fix -  Fixes for camera control related issues?!


I dont count "Addresses a number of crashes reported via Answers HQ" until you point what are that "crashes". You just put it so that fix the camera is not only you do it for a week! Did you guys work last week, or you enjoying in spending our hard earned money.


You are really started to annoying me!!!



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