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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

by Bolesting

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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Origin ID macine26

Server Name: west europe 1



after update 3.0 ZOMBIE bugs, my city got infected by zombie on day time zombie gone ... but the music still there..... that's very annoying ... 


and during edit mode got sound in every building ... the sound normally gone when you out from edit mode... now ..still there untill few minute 


fix this please

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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Full day.... no access to my game.

Stuck at city loading screen.


There is NO justifiable reason that a private region should not be able to be played offline.  MY computer is more reliable than your servers.


When should I be able to play my game again?

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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I'm still having problems with corrupt saves and rollbacks. Also had an issue with schools, and random utity building which were fully staffed and working all of a sudden needing to hire new people. Also, is anyone having a problem with resource depliting extremly fast?


Lol, it's like everytime they fix something it breaks 3 other things. 

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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Origin ID Noia456

Server Name: Europe (East) 4


Recycling Center stopped working after 3.0 -- in three cities it says that there are is lack of resources and the production stops.

The trucks then simply sit in the garages and stop collecting while the citizes drown in their garbage.


This game is a big disappointment and defintely not worth playing. I doubt the producers will ever be able to fix it.

Each patch just creates new problems.




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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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The fire trucks aren't responding to fires poperly. Building are catching fire and not a single truck  is responding. Then the buildings continued to burn for Football straight days.


The police can't seem to ever get the crime under control. Patrol cars should have sections of town that the patrol and not follow each other around. Businesses are always going out to business because of the crime.


People are constantly running out of money, when there are plenty of jobs available.


Fix health wealth tourism.


If you have a precinct we shouldn't have to add smaller police stations in order to cover the city. The same goes for fire stations.


The should be other items to make money from like clothing or jewelery


BIGGER CITIES PLEASE!!!! It's hard to have low, medium, and high wealth parts fo the city when everything is right next to each other detroying land value.

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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Origin ID:nackerin

Server: West Europe 1



I have been having this issue since patch 2.0. I have 1400 desks for schools in my city and 1321 students. However in the population tab, it appears that for the past 2 years or so, all the students of my city have consistently decided to remain not enrolled. I even built a highschool and there has been a polytechnic in my city for quite some time and none of those seem to have any effect on the number of students enrolled. When I chicl on the school, there are 245 students all coming from other cities. I had no such issue before the 2.0 update.


Also, Sewage continues to be outflowing off the reatment fascilities irrespective of how many treatment plants I build.


Have ocassionally loaded the game and my mouse cursor disappeared after 5-6 seconds.


People waiting for busses and street cars keep complaining about how they are full however when I click on the streeetcar soon after it has passed the stop where someone might be compaining it shows that there are usually 5-6/200 passangers.

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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Sorry, 1300 desks and 1431 students. everything else is as described above

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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Maxis, I have 35 years and I played Simcity from first release, I play it on every platform and I cant belive what you have done with legendary title just because of your greed! You will never made SimCity again!!!

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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My Recycling Center still doesn't work properly.  It worked for a couple of days and suddenly stopped.

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Re: Update 3.0 Issue Reports

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EA, are you going to reply to our problems or just let us dwell in our frustrations? 

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