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Unable to Find Keybinding Options

by daerimclassic

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Unable to Find Keybinding Options

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Specifically, I want to disable the screenshot function bound to the "C" key, as it is my standard push to talk button and Sim City pauses momentarily to take a screenshot every time I try to talk to my friends via Teamspeak.  This is kind of annoying.  As I have zero interest in taking screenshots of this game, the option to disable those would be just as useful to me.


As of yet, I've been unable to find a keybind or control option for the game.  Maybe I'm just being blind and someone can point out that it's been hiding in plain sight the whole time?


Any help will be greatly appreciated,


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Re: Unable to Find Keybinding Options

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keyboard controls are listed here:


I dont think you can re-assign

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Re: Unable to Find Keybinding Options

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I'm a player from Germany, but with games and movies, I prefere to not having the localized versions (IMHO, lots of humor can get lost during localization). 

So I'm playing SimCity in English. Unfortunately my Keyboard ist a German QWERTZ keyboard, and that means that I cannot use the ~ key to pause the game. I need to use a complicated keycombination with ALT GR to type the ~ which isn't recognized by SimCity. On the US ENglish QWERTY Keyboard, it is reight next to the 1 (which makes sense).


That's why I would like to change the keybindings, too, So I can assign another key to "Pause", for example ° (degree symbol - next to the 1 on a QWERTZ Keyboard) or P or SPACE.

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Re: Unable to Find Keybinding Options

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I have this problem aswell... Using a swedish keyboard layout and I too have to use ALT GR to make ' ~ ' which SimCity does not support. Not to mention that I have to double tap on he key to make it AND the key is located on the other far side of the keyboard from 1, 2 & 3.

The fun part is that the key binding was ' § ' (next too 1, 2 & 3 for me) when I bought the game so this sudden change is really dumb beyond regognition... It really surprises me that the developers made such an amateur mistake. Give me the option to assign key bindings myself or patch it ASAP! This really annoys me seriously... :robotmad:

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Re: Unable to Find Keybinding Options


Many months after the release and after numerous threads about this particular problem, it seems EA DOESN'T WANT to fix the problem. I think I had the same troubles with The Sims 3 and I guess I would have the same problems with The Sims 4. I hate you so much for this EA! You have no respect for diversity!

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