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Re: This game start annoying me!!!

by Bolesting

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This game start annoying me!!!

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After latest patch:

- 90 000 people 2 large bus terminal, 5 small depot (full with buses)- traffic not moving at all - every street, avenue blocked with cars?! Am I doing something wrong?!!!

- University city still cant have more than 2000 students in big city with Arcology great work at highest level population, students or workers not coming from great work or other cities, but yes I see millions cars coming in my city - Am I doing something wrong?!!!

-I dont build casino cities anymore because they allways lose money - Am I doing something wrong?!!!

- Will this game ever be playable?!!!

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Re: This game start annoying me!!!

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Check again after today's 3.0 update.  Supposedly they're doing some tweaks to the traffic AI such as allowing right turns on red lights (which is how it works in the U.S. and some other countries around the world) which should if it actually works help to alleviate some traffic problems.  They're also saying that they're now going to stagger the work shift start times so that not every business in the game needs workers at the same exact time which will either lessen traffic or it will simply spread traffic jams out and make it seem  to last longer depending on how they are staggered.

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Re: This game start annoying me!!!

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I also check after 2.0 update but they fixed few minor things and make double more problems in game! Am I payed 80 euros for digital deluxe game that will be playable after one year when they decide to remove DRM?! This game will never be playable untill they remove DRM! And now Im suspicious that even than game will not be playable! I know they will remove DRM when they full their wallets and game stop selling!

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Re: This game start annoying me!!!

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I don't think DRM has anything to do with the issues you describe.

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