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Re: Simcity Launch Park!

by Bolesting

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Simcity Launch Park!

★★★★ Novice

Simcity Launch Park dont work? There are no balloons? Do I need to do something to get balloons launching?

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Re: Simcity Launch Park!

★★★ Guide

They only launch during daylight hours between 9-3 or something like that.  Also you won't see them if the graphics are turned down.  I don't know which setting is required to be turned up but they launch fine for me around midday in game time.

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Re: Simcity Launch Park!

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My graphics are full, and I know about time but as I see they only flying when residents are at park but residents are almost always at 0 and there are a lot of kids. Every few days I got 3-4 baloons.

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Re: Simcity Launch Park!

★★★★ Newbie

I have the DLC for hot air balloon park but I cannot find the simcity lunch park!!! is this a bug or something  EA intended for those who purchase DLC to not have?

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