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SimCity won't start

by ajdearment

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Re: SimCity won't start

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It's supposed to be 268MB

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Re: SimCity won't start

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Ok, thanks. Hope EA will find a way to solve those issues fast.

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Re: SimCity won't start

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I was able to get to the patching screen, select my server and click on the Green Arrow, after which the program would run in the background (checked taskmanager) and not actually show me the game. Nothing was listed on the taskbar.)


On a hunch 1) Turned off Origin's In-game UI/overlay and 2) Had Origin create a direct shortcut to the game and run it in Administrator mode.


This fixed my issue, which I suspsect is caused mainly by the Origin overlay.

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Re: SimCity won't start

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I pulled it up and got a quick update of some sort, then it won't load.

Says Checking for Updates and has a 100% in the circle but doesn't do anything.

I've rebooted, uninstalled and reinstalled Origin, disabled Origin iiIn Game. Nothing. Plays music and sits there.


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Re: SimCity won't start

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This ended up working for me:

Seemed like it did the same thing but after reading a bit on the forum I looked again and it was all set and waiting on me to start.

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Re: SimCity won't start

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I'm hoping when I tell them it didn't work, they'll have another solution. They might have along checklist of possible solutions.

And yes, simscity is most definately bigger than a few hudren mbs. Did oyu just delete the folder in mydocs?

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Re: SimCity won't start

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Why thank you scooperman for linking that. Worked here too!

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Re: SimCity won't start

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It's still not opening... My computer is more than adequate in terms of RAM, processor, etc., and my drivers all update automatically.


But what keeps happening is that I click "Play" while in Origin, and get this little box that says "Launching..." and then disappears, and then nothing happens.

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Re: SimCity won't start

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Havin the same Problem, if this works, I'll build a shrine for you Confusedmileyvery-happy:

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Re: SimCity won't start

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I have tried everything in this thread as well. The Origin client itself now has trouble loading when I click on it. When I do get it up and click on SimCity to play, it loads for two seconds and then...nothing. It doesn't load anymore. I check my task manager to see if it's even an active process...and sure enough, it isn't. It's not even loading. EA, first the servers wouldn't load. Then update after update rolled around. Now after all these updates my game won't even load to the point where I can tell if any server is available and isn't imploding on itself. It is March 7th. This game was released days ago. The level of frustration here is more than any I've ever experienced with any pc game before. I cannot express in words the degree to which I'm disappointed with this launch. I will try, again, to get this working later tonight. If I cannot, I may just seek a refund.
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