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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

by bvictorh

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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I can live with that. I can't even get the **bleep** origin client to work.

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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**bleep** connection. **bleep** idea to use DRM. Everyone was fooled.


This is the greatest failure I have ever seen.SHAME ON YOU EA.

Hope your stock value drop to the ground

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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Well lesson learned...This is the last time i will ever buy a game the day it's released, next time I will wait at least 2 weeks just to make sure that I am not getting ripped off.  I no better so I will chalk this up as my fault for being stupid and trusting EA to put out a good product.  Someone in that company or better yet an entire department should be fired for this, the money lost on future games will have an effect on your precious profit margins.


Shame on me for being trusting and stupid and shame on you for being greedy.

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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i have waited for a long time to buy this game, and al i can say is that i am F*&*king disapointed.

Buyed this game for €60,- and this is the most worst spend money of my life!

I am so angry that i cant even spell normal any more!!


I hope you EA people come with a good solution or i am going to find you and 

push this game in a place you dont like!


kind regards:P

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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I agree.


We should SUE them. We paid for a service that is UNAVAILABLE and UNSTABLE.


That was not advertised nor was I warned. I purchased this product on false advertisement of it being a working game.


If they don't want to refund or at least credit to my ea account so I can buy something else I will bring this case to the small people's court and win. Ah I will also have them pay for the court fees. EA can go rot in a corner for their DISGUSTING customer service.


You should all do the same. Or should we for man alliance and sue them for billions for ripping off a few million people?

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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I am very disappointed with this game, its been five days and still no fix. I really want my money back but in their Origin policy they don't do refund. Its clearly still needs work and lot of the multiplayer elements is week. For example: what's the most important element that all multiplayer always need to have? Well, being able to communicate to other people. Unless you had a friend to communicate through different means, playing with random people is pointless...


EA, either you fix the major problems that's been hindering to play the game soon or give back my money back! If not, then I am done buying any game that comes from EA. There is no excuse, you should have known this will happened.

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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Hey guys suck !!!!! you made God awful DRM piece of garbage. I hope there is a class action lawsuit against you soon cause Im in......this game blows and its horrible that I cant play when I want too....waiting in a Que for 20 minutes?....I dont friggin think so. The PC game industry is going down......because you pukes are worried about some people who will Pirate.....but instead you have to punish all the rest with this garbage. YOU SUCK>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I want my money back and will never buy an EA crap game again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back. - VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!

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At first Origin crashed at every update, so I have to rename files, which had cost me days ti find out...

Then server full and bad

Yesterday again all down

and today updateloop and again not playable...


Totally garbage!!!!


I want my money back, too....


It isn't worth the place on my harddisk ;-(


After the mass effect end and the bad things they've done to UO, now the programming/server quality reaches blizzard-niveau ;-( This was the last ea-game for me!!! because of kickstarter the small companies start to rise again and THEY care for their customers....

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Re: SimCity: I want my money back.

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I gave this game more than 30 days.  Still can't play a game.  Every City I have ever made crashes and when I go back in, I'm back to square one or I get an error loading.


Seriously EA... Give my money back.  Keep your untested Crap game!

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