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Re: Ref Error #10048

by Upem

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Ref Error #10048

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I cant Buy simcity every time i try this is what comes up 

We're unable to process your payment right now. Use a different payment method or try again later. [ref. #10048]

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Re: Ref Error #10048

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I have beeb trying to purchase Cities of Tomorrow via Origin, and went  to customer serviice *joke that is*. I was told that the site was busy and slow and there were techicnical problems an to try later. I have been trying now for 6 days to no avail.. After I signed out out I received an emai that my ticket was closed and my problem had been sorted. So I guess I wont be buying it.

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Re: Ref Error #10048

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Same issue here, i am using a prepaid debit card and was unable to purchace battlefield 4. Sadly the customer care guy Raphael was said to try again later and which i told him that was again trying after a day. He hung up the chat Confusedmileyfrustrated:

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Re: Ref Error #10048

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If you are using prepaid vanilla mastercards, there could be an issue. I got off the phone with a mastercard advisor and they said if Origin is using a third-party program, it is restricted


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Re: Ref Error #10048

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had this issue today and omg it was the biggest headache ever. the origin support chat person had me try 3 different cards on 3 different browsers and the origin app after clearing my cache on all of them. nothing worked. finally they asked someone for help and then asked me if i have a VPN turned on. i did so i turned it off and it worked right away. idk why that wasn't one of the first things they asked me... anyways if you have a VPN just turn it off lol it will work. horrendously annoying but oh well.

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