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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

by andromedax1

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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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since patch 2.0 the highway on Reflection Atoll at the Exit ramp for Petrol Bay is bugged.  Traffic coming from the Cinder side can use the exit ramp to provide my city with concrete and other important stuff. Traffic coming from the Trader's Ridge side do not use the exitramp and will continue to drive in circles around the Atoll.   they want to use the exit, but seem to be not able to.


Also, i started this map fresh this morning.  a lot of air pollution is blown over my fresh town even though there's nothing but nature on the rest of the island.   air pollution bug = not fixed.    unless the ocean is supposed to create air pollution ofc.


Casino is making more money, then drops to minus 15k/day, then up to 42k/day, then down to 15k/day.  extreme fluxtuations still imo.


 busses seem fixed = not standing still for a day anymore, blocking all traffic.  

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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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You want my opinion? The concept of this game is briljant. The cloud concept is a totall failiure as well as the sourcecode of this game because it has a **bleep**load of bugs and glitches.


The traffic problems are still there. All of the cars in my city still want to use that one road while i got multiple and they can take other roads as well. My buildings wont build anymore, its stuck at 0%. My shops all report that there are no customers. My trams wont spread across the city. They are just following eachother like cows. I got radiation at places where there is no source that emits radiation.


FFS i paid €80 euro's for a game that isnt finished. This seems to be a trend in the gaming industry. Dont roll out a game while is isnt fully tested!!!


Now i need to rebuild my whole city. Thank you EA!

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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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From my experience with the new patch is seems to be fairly similar to what everyone else above has been saying that this patch does not seem to have fixed many problems and has certainly created a lot more. In a way I would say it looks like the game is getting less playable as things are "fixed" than better. I have and do enjoy this game but please test you patches better before releasing them.


I would say that tourist numbers are nearly non existent. I in the past could most fill my events but now I am lucky to break even but more often that not lose getting maybe 500 of 3000. That said my landmarks have been slightly more solid than before but I believe this is mostly due to them not being accessed before since I completed my International Airport.


I have also found 3 very bad things happening with the sanitation area. All of my cities seem to be producing at least 10 times more garbage than they did. The other and more major problem at least in how I have been playing is the recycling levels seem to have dropped by the same amount at least visually but when viewing the recycling centres it still shows the levels I had before. Ontop of this and worse still is that now the recycling centres seem nearly totally broken in a totally different and worse way. By this I mean now it looks like only recycling trucks that are set to service other towns will do anything leaving all the other staying in their sheds permanently. I did try a workaround by setting towns to service each other but that does not seem to have worked very well.


In future I would like it if you could tune the larger services costs to be more realistic as I find it can often be better to have lots of the smaller ones covering the town than one big and way too expensive one. Having the larger services to a coverage level that my citizens and the services like will often cause a town to be -20k+/h which can only be sustained by having productive specialisations. 

Also as mentioned above we need water levels to be able to replenish themselves as it is on many towns easy to fully use up all of the water in about 3 years which is just insane considering all previous SimCities had the aim to play for at least 100 years and would never run out as there were other ways to recycle and desalinate water.

The mining areas need a look into too not that I really see that they should be in the game in the first place as off the top of my head I do not know of any cities with ore mines right in the middle of them. If they are going to stay in the game they need to have lifespans of  at least 10 years and up to 50 years to emulate what is experienced in real life.

The RCI balance as I am sure most will agree with me also need a lot of work still. With all of my towns I have around a 70 20 10 split of zones and will nearly always have all the zones constantly creating abandoned buildings ( which is somewhat realistic true). CI can't seem to ever get close to having enough workers/ shoppers/ places to ship no matter how many people I have in my city. I have often had the experience of not building a single new CI zone starting with a pop of say 10k and they are complaining and raising it to 70k+ and the situation not changing at all with always way too many jobs etc.

Space also need to increase to allow for actual cities and not the current suburbs or small cities we have now.

Lastly the intercity roads need a good look at too as often there can be gridlock trying to get both in and out. I did not look at this very closely today with this new patch but I would assume it is still fairly bad. Multiple entrances and exits would be useful too and allowing the ability for you to chose where they should go as with SimCity 4 would be a huge advantage to allowing better more custom city design.

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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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I STILL can't load my main city !!!!


I was excited about SimCity,  I then got completely discouraged then totally disappointed very quickly.  I completely deleted Regions in hopes of having at least one where all my city's loaded with no issue.  I had hoped I could fully enjoy the game I was excited about and paid for.  This unfortunately never happened.


The issue with cities not loading is still very present.  It is beyond me why this issue has not been fixed!  Customer service with EA is worse, I would prefer going to the DMV anytime of the week.  Above and beyond the long wait by telephone, the only help that can be suggested is to run recovery then just post.  Do I ever get a reply?  I have posted numerous times.  Zero communication & Zero resolution.


  • Orgin ID: Zaezil
  • City Name: El Capitol
  • Region Name: San Valente
  • Server Name: North America East 3
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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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I am quite frustrated and I think you have done permanent damage to the Simcity brand.  This patch creates more problems than it fixes.  Sims walking in street to fix traffic issue.  Pollution from nowhere.  Casinos still not profitable.  Tourism still not working.  Buildings now abandoned for no reason.  Ferry dock has sewage bug.  Many more issues that I have read experienced from other players as well.  

DEVS, you need to be posting on the forums and communicating with the community.  This silent treatment is getting old.

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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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Mass Transit Upgrade: why arent I charging people to use transportation. I've never heard of the government giving free rides away. Or at least you should have the option to charge X amount, like $0.60/ea rider. if its too much, less people will ride, if you choose free, then it works like it does now. almost all would ride. 


Larger Plots: This is needed. I have a fast enough computer to handle more space. It would be nice to build bigger cities. with suburbs. I think there should be a map in which the land has larger plots. A long shot, but down the road would be nice to make "custom" maps. and with multiplayer. 


"Sim" Housing and Jobs: Each sim should own/rent live in the same house as long as they can afford it, they should have the same jobs until they find something better or are fired (based on late..etc) I know this isnt a priority and it works perfectly fine the way its setup. But to create an interesting unique game player. Just thoughts to expand this further. 


City Ordinances:  what ever happened to this? Would be nice to throw down a homeless shelter, and or create rules for the sims, like insentives.. This needs to return in some fasion. Maybe in the way of building an actual homeless shelter instead of just clicking the check to enable. 


*Bug (chat)* 

I noticed the regional wall, at the top left corner, still has messages coming in from regions i no longer play. 


*Garbage Issue*

Why does it seem garbage can never collect 100%? Even if I have a small town and hire every garbage availiable. I still can not collect all the garbage. Seems like an issue here. and then the sims complain about it. 


*Clinc/Ambulance Issue*

I have a bunch of ambulances, but only one actually go out. Its like wasted money. 





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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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Issues :-


1) I have archeology up, so that means 0 unfilled jobs for $, 0 unfilled jobs for $$ and 500 unemployed for $$$ so that means a surplus of 500 $$$ workers for my city in total. There's no traffic jams so everyone can get to work no problem, but 70% of my factories is shut down due to "insufficient workers"


2) The wellness clinic vehicle deployed but ambulance still missing from my city


 A quote from your patch notes 


"Demolish: Fixes issue that occurred when players demolished buildings that had service vehicles, delivery vehicles, or agents out in the city or region. Previously, the agents would be in a state of limbo and would not recover when new buildings of that type were placed. This will no longer happen."



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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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My experience with 2.0 so far: Had to restart in a new region because everything broke



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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

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My one city still says - "City cannot be loaded"!   I thought you were suppose to fix this?


My recylcing center continues to stop production on a daily basis


The balance is the industry/commerce/and residential continues to be wayyyy off.  I barely have any commerical zoned on my fully zoned out map and it continues to want more residency and industry.  That makes zero sense.  How can you have 100k people living there with some industry and desire no commerce.  Zero sense.



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Re: Patch 2.0 Feedback

★ Guide

The patch wasn't to repair already lost cities but to try and reduce it from happening post update.

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