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Re: Mass transit + Students = Idiotic Sims

by Bolesting

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Mass transit + Students = Idiotic Sims

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Sooooooooooooooooo this game is BROKEN so badly we all know it.  Blah blah there was my rant.  Now for the facts.  Someone explain this....hell EA FIX this.  I was using ONLY street cars in my city for quite some time now, because I know what busses can do to a city, they destroy it.    City size 420k, students taught at university each day (roughly 4k-4.3k) trying to hit that 4.5k mark oooooooooooh so close.  So I said hmmmmmmmmmm let's see if I can investigate busses a little more and figure out why they never work right.  So behold!  I found out that regional busses and shuttle busses have different ways they work.  I say OK WOOO I found out why busses destroy my students!  (Never used shuttle before)  Boom let's try this out.  Midnight hits, Busses are ON with NO bus stops active yet.  All students have become kids again.  Time to plant down bus stops and try to make my sims use them to get to the university.  Activate mentally dysfunctional sims GOOO!   After waiting for a week (seven 24 hours periods game time)  my university now is only teaching 2k...yes that's right 2k HALF of what it was teaching before.  Why do busses destroy students, and make them never re-appear in houses again.   Before I used busses each of my houses would have max "kids" when midnight struck.  Values are all High density (low wealth 100, medium wealth 50, high wealth 30)  Now all of the low wealth buildings are only showing like 3 kids...some none (even though they aren't abandoned)

Please I loooooooooooove SimCity have been playing since Mac days.  It's sad for me to say this, but at this time SimCity Societies is a better game than this one right now.


Please guys look into this.  It makes no sense what so ever to use busses because of things like this.  But with that said it's hard to make cities of this size function properly.


Edit:  My street cars still maintain a rough 70k average of riders per day.  Which is fine, but now with the busses I have gained about 40k riders from that. So with 40k more people using mass transit you would figure streets would be less clogged up and more students would get to the unviersity.

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Re: Mass transit + Students = Idiotic Sims

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Well...for sometime the game fixed itself...magically.  But then it broke itself again....magically.  My Sims finally crested up to about 8.5k-9k of the 11k students being educated (new record for myself)  Finally upgraded the university to level 6 and got my achievement *YAY*  But after about 2 more game years with my population only increasing to 450k (30k more than prior) my education level has plummeted waaaaaaaaaaay down again.  Only teaching around 3k-3.5k each day now.  Perhaps someone from EA can actually look at this post and try to explain this.  Or help me figure out what I did to fix it and then break it again.


Edit: My street cars are now carting around 130k of my population and my busses are doing around 70-75k.  So about 200k out of the 450k are using mass transit.

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Re: Mass transit + Students = Idiotic Sims

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How do you manage to have University level 6, I cant have more then 2300 students with 300,000 population?!


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Re: Mass transit + Students = Idiotic Sims

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I hope you do get an answer this is quite interesting.

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Re: Mass transit + Students = Idiotic Sims

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Seriously this is interesting.  Again my university spikes up and's so freaking weird.  Went back up to 7k, then 9k, then plummets down to 3k...for like 1 game year, then starts going back up.  I think I know what's going on but I am going to try and test it today.  I notice I get a spike in education when I "purge" my mass transit, meaning I demo the street car depots/stops or bus depots/stops...and dear god do I hate doing it, but it seems to work pretty well. But again...demoing bus stops.   *shudder*    street cars aren't so bad.  PS feel free to come visit my city


Origin ID: MasterD1085
Server: North America East 1
Region: Crazy Region
City: Pioneer Plains.  (bottom left corner area)


Edit: @ bolesting try purging your mass transit.  Pretty much what I do is at around 10PM game time, I pause, turn off all mass transit depots, then demo all stops.  Once this is done wait for all the busses/cars to get back into the station.  Then turn the game back on BUT DO NOT create stops.  Let the game simulate for about a day or 2,  then turn the depots back on.  Once they are "working" and not "hiring" pause the game around 5am (game time) and put your stops back down.  Come 6am watch the magic begin.  Everything should start to function well for a few hours (real life time) then you may have to purge it again.  Good luck with level 6 univeristy.  My next goal is to survive my nuclear meltdown that happened due to lack of educated peoples lmao.

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Re: Mass transit + Students = Idiotic Sims

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I got a university to level 6 by doing the following:

  1. Created a university with no schools as students are students, they don't progress up the grades
  2. Created an Arcology as this provides students
  3. Created 3 neighbouring cities with only a grade school at 950 capacity so that I have toones of unenrolled students
  4. Created every mass transit option in all cities and turned on cheetah speed to make sure it registers.
  5. Went back to the uni city and then bam, maxed out uni!
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