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Re: Futurization

by BlackjackWidow

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I would love to see an option, a toggle switch, for the music to not get 'Futurized'. Is that possible? Also, a toggle for air traffic. It is too much to have a biplane fly through the microphone, loudly, every two or three minutes. It's excessive. Please give us some toggles to switch these sounds off. And to not have the music futurized, or the city for that matter. I'd like the option to 'opt out' of any futurization in the city at all.

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Re: Futurization

Hi @iamsamoth - there are not a lot of individual controls for the audio. You can go into options and lower the background & music effects, or mute all of them. But there are no options to mute a particular dlc's audio. Many people will mute the game's audio and play their choice of music through a music player in the background.


If you don't place any of the City of Tomorrow ploppables in the city, no futurization will take place. So, you can have a full city with no futurization if you'd like. Hope that helps!

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