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Error 1001

by abcf2t

Original Post

Error 1001

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My game was running fine last night windows did an update and now all I keep getting is


could not start the renderer

please ensure your display is set to 32 bit color. [1001]


I checked and it is set to 32bit so why will it not work????

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Re: Error 1001

★★★★ Novice

Im getting the excact same problem? what the hell is up with this thing???

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Re: Error 1001

★★★★ Novice

RIGHT, I am getting extremley frustrated, I have updated my graphics driver for radeon hd 7770 to the latest version, ensured my colour is set to 32 bit and reinstalled origin and simcity and tried virtually everything I can possibly think of, STILL WONT START, it says launching game and nothing happens i just get stupid error messages mainly error 1001, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS!

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Re: Error 1001

Hero (Retired)

I just tested on my 7670m and it still works...


I'm gonna take a stab at this say try to disable CCC.


Go to start, run, type MSCONFIG, disable Catalyst  (if you have anything else that looks graphics related disable it, mine just has Catalyst)

you can also hit WindowsKey + R then type MSCONFIG


Maybe set it to 16bit color, restart, put it on 32 bit, I do not know what is happening here.

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Re: Error 1001

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I have the NVIDIA Geforce GTX670XM on my laptop anyone knowes how to fix this EA if this doesn't get fixed I want my money back. Good games bad support. ):


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Re: Error 1001

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"EA" isn't here.  This isn't any kind of official EA support site.  This is for gamer discussion of games, and EA Help is for support.  There is some comparatively simple setting in the graphics software that has been wrong, without creating a problem until now.  I have seen several mentions of the solution, without managing to quite "memorize" whatever it was that the folks had to do, in order to undo their screwy setting.


You will have to do a search here to find one of those message threads.  


Or else contact a Game Adviser 


Were I in your place, I would find another leisure pursuit until tomorrow, when the Adviser staff is on its workweek schedule, to contact them.


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Re: Error 1001

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if this is your error

Could not start yhe renderer.

Please ensure your display is set to 32 bit cilir. [1001]how to make the game to start is to log of your pc and log in again and the the game shuld work if not ? 

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Re: Error 1001

★★★★ Newbie

hi, i have the exact same problem with this game. so frustrating!

is there any real solution?


my system is ok, everything is up to date, dispplay settings are 32 bit etc. - still not working.

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Re: Error 1001

★★★★ Newbie

I had the same problem. I signed sim city out of ORIGIN and now it works.

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Re: Error 1001 selution

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hi i had the same problem but i went for help do this staps:

  • logout of origin
  • right klick on origin and start als administrator
  • right klick on simcity and select repair
  • go to origin options 
  • stop IGO (in game orgin)
  • to do this do go to orgin in-game then select the first bar to make it empty 
  • now start the game
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