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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

by benji84_NO

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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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Rail Transit

Riders complain constantly about full trains...when the wait time, and overall service is fine.

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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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Yeh, some of the "backround" sounds get faulty and then the music stops.


I got left hearing just one eery siren the other day.



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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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Sims complaining they have no money, when there are MANY places looking for workers, only solution I've found is to bulldoze the building, but it usually just rebuilds with the same issue.


Sharing resources seems to be broken sending money sometimes does not even work!  Sent 500k from 1 city to another and it NEVER got there.  Some resources take hours to get to the city sent to.


Education, Sims don't travel to neighboring cities to get educated.  - Even with bus stops and seeing busses in the city.


If a boat port is plopped on a dead end street, there will almost always be sewer issues.  - Have to make sure the port is on a street connected at both ends.


Tried creating 3 different cities. 

One all mining, smelting, with a hospital that was costing 8k+ per hour, very few complaints of germs.

One with all education available, no hospital, very few complaints of germs.

One that was supposed to be tourist driven, many complaints of germs even with some schools.  If I moved from industrial to commercial Sims just got mad and complained more vigorously about being out of money and the commercial building complained about not having workers.


In all 3 cities:

I got complaints from Sims that they wanted parks when there was a park or two RIGHT next to their building. 

I got complaints of being out of money when there were MANY building looking for workers.

I got complaints "worried about crime", when the crime map showed NO crime.

I got complaints "miss our schools", when there were never any schools.

I got complaints about low land value when the building was in a very high land value area.

Commercial buildings would complain that their businesses relied on tourists when there was nothing special to make tourists go to that city, so why did they build for tourists "knowing" there were none.

Businesses complaining they could not get educated Sims even though there was 2 grade schools, one high school, community college, a university and several libraries in the city, and the education map showed that all Sims were educated.


I also had coal and oil power plants run out of resources when they were set to accept global deliveries. - Had to put in a trade port with 2 sections of the fuel and have that import it and change the power station to local only.


Deliveries were slow, even cities with a loop of streetcar roads, would have a MAJOR backup of cars trying to get into the city.


All 3 cities became unplayable, there would be something out of your control, non-disaster related that would suck up all your money reserves.


In the city with all the education it became impossible to maintain an approval rating high enough to upgrade the mayor's mansion.  Even tried to play watching the happiness map and as soon as something became orange bulldozing it.  This worked for an hour or so, but then the complaints that did not make sense started to kick in and there was nothing I could do to overcome them.


Hope the main list is still getting updated, as it seems to be a great post that the devs could use to see what the problems are and use it as a checklist of things to fix. Wink




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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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The biggest issue that I'm still fighting is Air Pollution still seeming to come from nowhere.  I refer to the patch 2.2 notes that say:


• Air pollution: Fixed issue where air pollution would appear to come from nowhere. Fix issues where your regional air pollution would be reflected back into your box for a double penalty. 


Now after this patch it's 20 times worse than it was before the patch, not only do I get polltion that seems to come from nowhere it just seems to pile up?  This must be the double penalty kicking in and making all my sims sick.  Build anything that produces air pollution ramp up the speed for 15min and bam massive air pollution problems even as the only city in a private region????  I plant trees and in only a few months of game time they are all gone again and I have to replant, this makes starting a new city very hard because you can't get the city up and running before your sims start demanding services that you can't yet afford.


Great post and I hope that it helps EA and Maxis see what we as the consumers want fixed!

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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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Wow, this has grown pretty crazily. Have the devs even taken any notice?

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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

EA Sims Team

Yes, you can see status updates for compiled issues here: 

 is helping us keep the list updated.

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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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- Removed by myself to respect EA and Maxis even though I personally don't believe they deserve it yet. -

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Other bugs

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after update 4.0:

  1. traffic jam exploded. a lot of cars do close loops between roadcrosses making roads full witout reason. It isn't related to aa single map but to several map and to all cities that i checked (me and my neighbours)
  2. several small buildings (especially low density residential) advice that there isn't enough space to develop even if they have space. destroing the house when it is rebuilt it develop to mid density without problem in 90% of cases
  3. almost all service cars going out from a building (expecially buses) goes to the same place all together (if i have a fully upgraded dobledeck bus station at least half of buses of the station go to the same bus stop going out from the building at the same moment. (the first is full and the others are almost empty but i have a lot of people in other bus stations.
  4. coal mines are very often without workers but people are going away from the city because without money and work.

Please solve this problems!!!

Please also add the possibility to decide a one way sense of streets and  traffic circle to manage better the traffic!


Thanks in advance!!!


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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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EA Sims Team

codewow I checked what you posted originally and here is the response for your concern:


There is another thread by  before he became a moderator from just after Update 2.0 I believe which he also helped us track the issues being reported. The issues that get reported are all being collected and added into our system and investigated as quickly as possible.

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Re: Compiled Bugs List.

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Why isn't there are built-in opt for bug/crash report system, also tracking anonymously stats? Would give you loads of data.

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