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Too many problems to list here!

by Whymilikethis

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Too many problems to list here!

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There are a host of problems with Scrabble that I have documented since January 1, 2015 and there are other  players that say the problems have been going on for more than a year and I believe them. We can not see our opponents without refreshing the page many times and then when we do see our opponent, they are 'Anonymous' and we still cannot see their stats, which is very important! Ocassionally, we do get to see their profile picture & their stats. This should NEVER be a problem. Its not fun to find out that your opponent is rated hundreds of points below OR above you.


Oftentimes, the game simply will not load. EVER. Then, when it does finally load, the message 'Ooops blah blah blah' or 'the store is not blah blah blah'. Personally, I can not actually play the game until I've refreshed the page at least twice but sometimes 3, 4, 5 and 6 times. Sometimes I give up because its simply too aggravating to try to play. Its very difficult to even find where a person can leave a complaint since the link provided by someone a few weeks ago did not work. There are HUNDREDS of people having a horrible time trying to play and since it is very difficult to even get HERE, people are leaving complaints on the FAN PAGE. Could someone please go there and address everyone's problems? Its AWFUL! Scrabble is a nightmare to try and play but there are many players like myself who play it every day regardless of it being THE MOST ROYAL PAIN EVER.


The new 7 second ads actually run for almost 30 seconds and I find that annoying as hell. Not only are they excessively LONG, they are way too frequent! Playing 50+ games at any given time, that I have to have the ads in my face almost every time I make a play is really aggravating to say the least!  Just in trying to start a new game, there are many times we clkick on 'CREATE NEW GAME' do not like the letters and hit 'LEAVE' only to have to sit through another 30 seconds of waiting for the 7 second ad to be over! We shouldn't be subject to that many ads since they are way too long anyway & most players have AdBlock on anyway & do not even see the ad. The ads work fine but the game does not? The people who pay you to advertise have no one to advertise to if they can not play the game!  Players rated in the 1900+ range should never have to worry about people rated 800 points playing us yet it happens all of the time. People who are at the disadvantage do not like to play when they are losing by 300 points and can drag the game out forever for which we only get ONE point for beating them. I try to educate people via chat on the game but, its really not my responsibility. Why do we continue to be paired with opponents rated 1000 points lower than ourselves?


Also, I have 3 Facebook accounts and play Scrabble on each and at any given time am playing at least 50 games in all. How can the letters be random and I have the same luck on all 3 boards? Yes, 3 very separate boards, 50+ games and the problem of getting ALL vowels or NO vowels in all 50+ games. How can that be 'random'? I really question the randomness of the game as it simply isn't random and can not be when the higher rated player generally gets the better letters. Tell us how it DOES work!


Why do higher rated players get the better letters 8 times out of 10? How is that fair? Why shouldn't we be winning with our strategy skills rather than the the higher player simply getting the better letters most of the time? I am not the only person who recognizes this. I have spoken to MANY players over the years and having played at least 15,000 games in the past 4 years, I am not making it up. I see it ALL of the time as do many others I have spoken with on the game chat. Its very obvious to anyone who has played a goodly amount of games such as myself.


Why is there nowhere to find how the scoring is factored? How much do we lose if we forfeit versus losing to an opponent? Because there is nothing that makes any sense at all about scoring. Also, the Elo Arpad scoring makes NO sense at all and it favors the higher rated player. Its the same scoring system used when college football rankings were under the BCS. Its a crock & you should really look into a scoring system that doesn't factor in an advantage to the higher rated player. We should be winning because we are better strategists not just the lucky recipient of the better letters. That SUCKS.


Please, have someone go read the FAN PAGE... people are terribly upset and they are not able to get the link to work in addition to the MANY other glitches. A new glitch is that there is no sound on the game any longer... people have been complaining about it for no less than one week. 


People do not want new features, they want the game to remain fairly simple. The more new stuff, the worse the game works. Americans do not use the Collins dictionary, we use the TWL dictionary. The Collins dictionary only gets used by British ruled countries. Yes, other countries can play Americans but Americans can not play International Scrabble. I only see people using English on the Fan Page so I am assuming the Fan Page I have access to is the American Fan Page... I do not know but, we could care less about any dictionary that is NOT the TWL. 


Where do we find where all of the new words that have been added to TWL? Shouldn't there be somewhere we can find out what the new words are rather than guessing?

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