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Subject: Digital Scrabble Error

by adryheat4832

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Subject: Digital Scrabble Error

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Subject: Digital Scrabble Error


Digital Scrabble is not working correctly. See attachment. 


I was here when the error occurred. OS 10.11.6 iMac


Other remarks:  

Ads on iPhones are too long - I bought the app years ago and shouldn't have ads but when I updated my phone they started again. 


Why can't we buy the Digital Scrabble with no ads?  This is the only game I play. You are torturing me and others. 


Our friends list should show only Scrabble players but it shows people who don't play Scrabble  or have tried it once and never gamed again. Out of the 1,000 of people on my Facebook page only one of them plays Scrabble. So showing our friends list on the Scrabble game does not recruit new players for you. Your Facebook page recruits people to your app. That too is flawed as there is no link to the game. 


Otherwise I love Digital Scrabble I wish I could buy it, I don't want coins!  

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