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Re: Scrabble opponents

by mrmoerby

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Re: Scrabble opponents

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Hey there, @bethadams56.


The Origin client is a downloadable program for PC and Mac that helps launch EA games from Peggle to Anthem and more. However, it's not available for mobile / tablets.


Arrenai Cat

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Re: Scrabble opponents

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So how can people playing Scrabble on a mobile platform add their friends? Poor design...

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Re: Scrabble opponents

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@Player_9edwkmon wrote:

I am stumped.  This classic game has been monopolized by EA (and Facebook) so as to make it inaccessible to the open market.   Words with Friends is a distasteful, cheaters platform yet thrives because it is accessible; as a word game it pales to the original Scrabble, IMHO. Trump-nomics at play, apparently.  If EA owns the rights, they are the game losers.  Woeful.

Too bad they don’t offer an option to only play other little  flakes of snow Disappointed

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Re: Scrabble opponents

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So basically, I have to download and install an entire application (Origin client) just to add a friend to play Scrabble against? Why can't this be done online or in-app? For most people this is just too much of a hassle so you're forced to use Facebook (with their horrible reputation for privacy) to connect. What a dumb design.

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