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Scrabble on Facebook

by null

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EA Scrabble Tile Tracking

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I play EA Scrabble (through Facebook) and purchased the "Tile Tracking" service. It worked just fine for a few months, and has now stopped working. Why?

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Re: Scrabble on Facebook

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Perhaps you were using a different dictionary in the earlier game (one which allowed the word GRIS).

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scrabble wont load sending the diagnostic along does not seem to be a reason

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Detected as Chrome 32 (WebKit 537.36) on Windows 7

Claim accept gzip: yes 
Actually accept gzip: yes 
Force gzip: no 
Javascript Enabled: okay 
Inline Javascript: okay
External Javascript: okay
Client Content Test: okay
Client URI Test: okay
Client Domain Test: okay
BigPipe Test: okay
Environment Test: okay

Flash Version: 12.0.0

Latency Test: okay (100.8ms)
Bandwidth Test: okay (1048576B, 3022ms: 2.647Mbps)

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Couldn't connect to network

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I'm playing SCRABBLE- been trying to connect to the Facebook server but kept getting the 'Couldn't connect to network server' message. Facebook was 'updated' yesterday and I've been having that problem since yesterday. How do I get back to my games with my friends through Facebook login? Any solution?
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Scrabble Compatibility

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When I try and install Facebook Scrabble on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Android 4.2.2 I get a message saying the app is incompatible with my device. The game specs indicate Android 2.3 or above is required. My sister in law has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 running Android 4.2.2 and has no trouble installing and using Facebook Scrabble on her device. Any ideas as to why the disparity?


Thank you,


Nick S.

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When will they allow us to COMPLETELY MUTE the sound effects in Facebook Scrabble...?

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I play EA Scrabble on Facebook, and I have the setting in options at minimum volume, because I do not want or need to hear a silly noise every time I move a letter!  I had not been hearing the sound effetcts for awhile, but they have returned with an ugly vengeance today.  If I have my speakers cranked up while playing other media, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR A SILLY, USELESS, and ANNOYING "popping" sound every single time I move a darned tile...
PLEASE GIVE US A MUTE OPTION in the Facebook Scrabble settings!!
Of course I could mute my browser in the vomume mizer, but what if I playing media from a webs-site in another tab.  Just allow us to MUTE the silly and ANNOYING sound effects, PLEASE.

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I am logged in to Facebook but my Facebook games are not loading. I deleted and reloaded the game but it is still not working.
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SCRABBLE on Facebook

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Why am I not notified when it is my turn?

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Why doesn't the Scrabble app work on my Dell Venue 8??
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Re: Scrabble

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That device runs Windows 8.1 so Scrabble for iOS or Android will not work on it. Check here for other versions (Scrabble for Facebook for example):

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