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Scrabble on Facebook

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Re: Scrabble

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It's ok, I sorted it!

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Re: Scrabble

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Can you share what you did?. I am having the same issue

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Re: Facebook Scrabble.

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I have finally worked it out!


You have to click on the game as if you are going to play


You then hit the CANCEL button


A popup now asks you if you would like a rematch


You say No and it all goes away

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Re: Facebook Scrabble.

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I thought this reply was sent to the forum but I'll add it so everyone can benefit:


After reviewing the notes I understand you are experiencing issues declining a game in Scrabble. I know a lot of time is put into gaming and they are supposed to be stress free and fun. I am sorry this one hasn’t been for you. You should be able to accept the game and before you make a play, choose the delete or forfeit option in the bottom left hand corner. Just as long as you do not make a move, you will not be affected negatively.

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Issues with EA Scrabble for former GameHouse players

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There are so many problems with the Scrabble app us Facebook Game House Scrabble have been forcibly changed to that our game play time has seriously dwindled. This can't be good for your advertising revenue, so I suggest you take heed. I notice that none of my Game House Scrabble friends spending a lot less time playing the new Scrabble. I used to have Game House Scrabble running passively for approximately 16 hours day. I estimate that I have your version running for about 10 minutes a day in total. I have started playing Lexulous with one such friend, but would prefer it if you could sort out your version of Scrabble to make it bearable again. Some, but not all, of the problems we have with it are covered on your FAQ page. Some of the answers you give are vague and, as such, not reassuring. This may not be an exhaustive list, but I shall try to clearly state what the problems we have with your facebook Scrabble game are so that you can, I hope, produce a comprehensive and reassuring reply:

1) Refreshing the board.
1A) The game does not auto refresh to show newly made moves.
1B) The manual refresh button doesn't work. The only way to see if opponants have played their turns is to close the browser and reload it. This can't be good for you as it means passive adverts are being viewed for a tiny fraction of the time they would be viewed for if you had a working, preferably automatic, refresh function
Question: will you be introducing an automatic refresh function

2) Having to pay to remove annoying pop up adverts. Having played Game House Scrabble very frequently and regularly since it replaced Scrabulous in the late mid 2000s, I am insulted to be expected to pay money not to be irritated by Face Book Scrabble. I will not pay money to you. I am instead less inclined to spend time playing your Scrabble as a result. Surely you could make more money from passive advertising revenue by NOT irritating players with pop ups?
Question: will you be getting rid of this 'pay to have a less irritating experience' feature?

3) Pop up window prompting to tell the opponant you've had your turn after every move regardless of having checked the 'don't do this again' box. I'll repeat what I suggested earlier about sorting out auto update and getting rid of irritating pop ups to encourage players to leave Scrabble running constantly and be able to SEE if an opponant has taken their turn because they WANT to.
Question: will you be getting rid of this annoying function?

4) Horrible board colours
I have read your FAQ about working on a customisable colour pallete, but just wanted to make clear that the current colour pallete is putting us off. The option of PAYING to have a less irritating layout is a further source of irritation/alienation
Question: when will you be introducing the customisable version?


5) Expected to pay to have used tile count.  This feature was free in Game House Scrabble.

Question: will you be making this faeture free in EA Scrabble?

I also find the layout confusing, but accept that I may get used to it if the problems listed above are sorted out/removed so that I spend enough time playing your Scrabble to allow this to happen.

Please do take on board what I have said about maximising passive as opposed to bullying adverting revenue. I never thought the day would come, but I can see myself stopping playing Face Book Scrabble all together unless you seriously sort this out. The revenues generated by Game House Scrabble must have been huge. If you mismanage us as customers now, it will be your loss more than ours.

I look forward to your honest and, hopefully, encouraging reply


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Scrabble stuck on Facebook

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Dear Support


My Scrabble games are getting stuck on Facebook on Firefox on Windows 9.  I play my move but get an error Your word could not be checked. Please try again.  The only option available is to click close.  However on some of the games clicking on refresh posts the word correctly and the game disappears.  However I have two games which are stuck.  One I want to play my last letter which is I by making the word DI.  The game should then finish.  The other one I want to play a Bingo and it also cannot continue.  Please fix this as soon as possible - I really do like playing Scrabble (even the new game) and this is spoiling my experience.  I have reloaded the game several times to try to solve the problem as well.




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Re: Scrabble stuck on Facebook

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Hello jberry100,


First off, let me thank you for contacting the Answer HQ, it helps everyone who might also have this problem.


I would suggest referring to the E.A. Contact Page and contacting them.




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Re: Scrabble stuck on Facebook

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SCRABBLERS can find information for their game (depending on the Scrabble version, there are many differents available) here:  dedicated forum available Scrabble Forum & Known issues


I think you will find the entire list in this thread: Scrabble Games


Scrabble for Facebook



  1. Which browsers are supported by SCRABBLE Facebook?
  2. Why can't I post my Best Word Score when I'm using the Opera browser?
  3. How do I make the board appear bigger?
  4. How do I send notifications to my friends when it's their turn?
  5. How do I change the sound settings?
  6. Are there shortcuts to putting words down quickly?
  7. How do you earn coins?



I hope this helps.



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[Scrabble on Facebook] No tiles in tray.

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Why don't I have any tiles in my tray?

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lost facebook scrabble login and games on my android

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I can't login to Facebook Scrabble. It gives me webpage. has been moved.
How do I get them restored??
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