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Scrabble not loading to PC

by Phaybe

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Scrabble not loading to PC

★★★ Newbie

My Scrabble will still not load to my PC. A version is loaded onto my Tablet.

Please tell me how to get scrabble working on my big PC.


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Re: Scrabble not loading to PC

Community Manager (retired)

Hi @Phaybe,


Sorry to hear you're having difficulties loading Scrabble on your PC. Hopefully the following solutions will help:



If you are unable to connect to SCRABBLE on Facebook, the first step is to ensure your browser is set to allow third-party cookies. Below you will find instructions for several major browsers. 

Google Chrome

  1. Click on the Customize menu icon (looks like three parallel lines) at the upper right.
  2. Choose Settings, then tap Show advanced settings.
  3. Under Privacy, click the Content Settings button.
  4. By default, "Block third-party cookies and site data" will not be selected. However, if it is, please click the button beneath it: Manage exceptions.
  5. On the Manage exceptions window, enter [*.] in the "Hostname pattern" field. This will allow subdomains such as to use cookies.
  6. Click Allow. Then click Done.

A simpler solution may be to disable "Block third-party cookies and site data" entirely by unchecking the box for that setting. 

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Choose Tools in the main menu bar. Select Options in the Tools menu drop-down.
  2. In the Options window, select the Privacy tab.
  3. In the drop-down labelled Firefox will: "Remember history" should be selected. This is the default setting.
  4. If instead, it reads "Use custom settings for history," you will see additional options below:
"Accept cookies from sites" should be enabled. 
Under that, "Accept third-party cookies" can be set to "Always, From visited, or Never."
To ensure you are able to play SCRABBLE, please select Always or From visited
Internet Explorer
  1. Click the gear icon to open the Tools menu.
  2. Choose the Privacy tab.
  3. Your current zone settings are outlined here. The default settings (Medium) allow most third-party cookies. If your zone is set to a higher security level that blocks all or most cookies, you can set an exception for Facebook that will allow SCRABBLE to use cookies.
  4. To set an exception, click the Sites button.
  5. Enter
  6. Tap Allow, then OK.

After you have checked to verify that your browser is set to enable third-party cookies, please try again to play SCRABBLE on Facebook.

Still having trouble connecting? Try clearing your browser cache!

Finally, if you are still having trouble, we recommend trying an alternate browser. For example, if you have been unable to play in Chrome, please try Firefox, or vice versa. 


(Source: SCRABBLE doesn't connect on my PC or laptop)


Hope this helps!

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