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Scrabble for iOS

by discreetfun

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Re: Scrabble for iOS

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This forum seems useless - all problems no answers
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I bought your scrabble game for playing on my iphone

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Please help me. I tried dozens of times to change my password and was even told many times that the change was successful however I cannot cpnnect with my origin account. O keep on being told I have the wrong password. I purchased your game and things have gotten worse. In my purchased game, I cannot get any stats, access any friends, sign in to origin, or find my old games. I have written before to you and I am just ignored.

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the game decided not to allow me access to my tray at the end of the game and would not let me use "zip" as a

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Re: Help!!

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I cannot open my scrabble games. The error message reads "there is a problem you may experience reduced functionality" I have experienced this before but it has cleared after rebooting but now it will not clear at all.
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Scrabble and access to saved/ongoing games

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My mother is unable to log into Origin via Scrabble on her iPad to access her ongoing games etc, is there an issue currently?

She has turned iPad on and off several times, reloaded game, and tried to manually log into Origin.. All failed.
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Since the beginning of the year (2015) Scrabble has been one big glitch. I can not see my opponent's stats at all unless I refresh the page at least once. All opponents can not be 'anonymous'. I understand that we can play mobile players but, this has nothing to do with mobile players when all of them show up as anonymous until the page is refreshed, sometimes numerous times.  Not being able to see if an opponent has a similar Elo is terribly frustrating and its tiresome refreshing the page over and over and over. Also, why are players who are rated hundreds of points below or above us matched with us?  Its awful having to play someone rated 1000 points lower than yourself.  A person rated more than 100, 150 points lower should not be able to play someone who is rated inthe 1900's. That is not fun for either player. Its a colossal waste of time. Its extremely difficult to find where to ask questions as there seems to be no forum for Scrabble at all. I did find one, sort of, but it was dated 2013. Today is May 4th, 2015. Since it is so difficult to ask questions, the 'fan page' is overflowing with people asking questions and complaining about these tiresome glitches that have never been fixed. Do you have any idea how many people are angry?  A LOT. I suggested numerous times that players such as myself who are daily players, would be happy to pay a small subscription as long as Scrabble actually worked. We don't want 'Teacher' we don't  want more of anything! Speed Play is a joke. Please don't 'improve' it anymore!  We just want the basic functions of Scrabble to work when we play.


 I have tried to 'select a location' but my only opton is Battlefield Hardline Deutsch...  ???


Sherry Secrist


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Board does not come up.. just a big gray exclamation point.

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scrabble will not load on desktop

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Have played Scrabble on UK desktop for quite a while and pay for 'no ads'it has not loaded for several days now very frustrating, it is n my ipad as normal

nO 100004947491242

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Re: scrabble will not load on desktop

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Re: scrabble will not load on desktop

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Scrabble players unable to log in to Facebook on mobile devices


You may have trouble logging into Facebook if you’re running a Scrabble app version earlier than 3.8.1. To correct this, you’ll need to update your version of Scrabble to the latest version. To do this, just go to the app store and download the latest update.





Admin note: This thread was used as a repository for an issue that is now resolved and is now closed. 


We invite players who are experiencing issues with Scrabble on their iOS device to Ask a new question here on Answers HQ. 

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