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Re: Scrabble iPad

by EA_Mat

Original Post

Scrabble Forced Forfeit

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Forcing Forfeits

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Scrabble force forfeiting HELP!

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[MONOPOLY Hotels] lost all my progress

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Re: Scrabble for iPad

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Community Manager

Hi everyone,


At the moment, Scrabble for iPad is not supported on these boards.


If would would like to see Scrabble for iPad supported here, you can suggest it on the Idea Exchange. Best ideas will be periodically reviewed and implemented.




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[Scrabble for iOS] many many problems

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★★★ Newbie

Can anyone help me with the many many problems in the newest iphone/ipad version of Scrabble?


1.  I remain "unranked", although I have played over 1000 games in the last year and have an ELO rating of nearly 2000.  How do I "connect" into the Origin database?

2.  I have many games which are days and weeks old in which there is no "automatic nudge", and there is no way now to manually nudge.

3.  I have a number of games (both my turn and my opponent's), where attempting to load that game causes the app to exit.

4.  My ELO rating on Facebook is very different than my "Origin" rating, even though both show the same number of games played and the same W-L record.

5.  I have persistent "Network functionality" messages, although the connection is not a problem.

6.  If I resign (not forfeit) a game prior to taking a turn, it occasionally displays that I have "lost" it, although there has been no play and it says it is not a loss.


What happened with this update????? 



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[Scrabble for iOS] Trying to verify my email in Scrabble forums but get an error. Cannnot get into Scrabble games

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1. Having problems with Scrabble connecting
2. So I log in to the Scrabble forums and post a message.
3.iIt tells me that I need to verify my emailand to click VERIFY button
4. Check email and receive the VERIFY link.
5. Tried both clicking in link and copy/pasting link into new window.
6. Recieve error message: "The email verification link is not valid"

This has been happening for almost a year and I caanot fix it. I have deleted and reinstalled as well.

Please help

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[MONOPOLY Hotels] Lost all my collections in monopoly hotels

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Re: Scrabble iPad

Community Manager (retired)

From the sound of it, it seems to be a case for Itunes store customer support.

Therefore I would suggest asking your question there.




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Scrabble for ipad

★ Newbie

Hi I have emailed you a question many times and you keep fobbing me off with a generic answer . 

IM trying to find why your scrabble tile rack app is no longer on the app store when you are advertising it on you scrabble game of which is why I purchased the app in the first place

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