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Scrabble Forced Forfeit

by EA_Spectre

Original Post

Scrabble for iOS

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Admin note: This thread was used as a repository for an issue that is now resolved and is now closed. 


We invite players who are experiencing issues with Scrabble on their iOS device to Ask a new question here on Answers HQ. 



 Hello, Scrabble fans!


The game team has put out an update that should have fixed the crash issues you've been facing recently. Happy spelling!





I have been trying to play multiplayer Scrabble game on iPad with my friends lately and it has been a nightmare.


1st - there is no more TILERACK APP available in Itunes store


2nd - no matter what other option we try (play over wifi etc) it just doesn't seem to work


I have been playing it succesfully for the last year with TILE RACK app with my other friends. Is there any way that you can put that TILE RACK app back in Itunes store so my friends can download it? 


It still works with my TILE RACK app but my friends who purchased new iphones can't get it anymore.


I'm looking forward to your feedback.


Thank you,


Earlier Updates


UPDATE (July 21st): 


Rebecca, senior producer for Scrabble at EA just posted the below:  

Hi again all, 

We've deployed a change on our side that should have addressed the issue. Please try again with your Origin logins and if you encounter any issues now please let me know here. 




Thank you everyone for your continued patience. We have now identified the root cause for this issue and are working on how to best implement a fix.

Stay tuned for further updates:


Please see below the updates from Rebecca, senior producer for Scrabble at EA


Hi everyone, 

I'm Rebecca and I'm the senior producer for Scrabble at EA. 

I'd like to let you all know exactly where we are in the process of trying to stamp out the current issue that our origin users are experiencing and answer your questions. 

On our side we started seeing an issue with the way we ask our backend servers if an Origin user is valid last thursday. This led to the symptoms you are seeing in the app right now where: 
a) it looks like you are not logged in to the service when indeed you are 
b) you can't access or start any new games between Origin players 

Please let me apologize if you've been told the issue is fixed. That is not yet the case, while we have identified the root cause of the issue our engineers are still working on the solution, and making sure a solution doesn't break other parts of the app. 

I'm going to get my next update from the engineering group around 3pm EST today at which point I will update on this thread. In the meantime I will try my best to answer any questions here if you have them. 

I really appreciate how passionate you guys are about Scrabble and hope to have news about a fix as soon as possible. 

-Rebecca N.

 Hi All, 

We've progressed in our investigation. We are currently working with another EA team to see if there is a potential 'quick fix' that would not involve an app update. I hope to have info back on that in the next hour or so. 

If there isn't a quick fix we've implemented a solution in our Scrabble app. In this case we'll need to get an update out through Apple and Google Play, which will not be as speedy as the fix mentioned above. 

I will update again at 5pm EST on our progress at that point - stay tuned and thanks again for your patience. 



Find the initial acknlowdgement below: 


Heya everyone,


Thank you all for your reports, our team is aware of the issue that prevents Origin users from starting or completing games with their Origin friends within Scrabble on all mobile platforms. This issue doesn't impact Facebook logins or guest users.

The studio is working on a solution in order to get everyone back to their in progress games as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can still play single player matches or against other players by using the “Random Opponent” option.


We currently have no ETA on the fix but the studio is doing their best to implement this as soon as possible.


Please stay tuned for updates:


Thank you for your patience and understanding!





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frozen player in scrabble

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scrabble on iphone, one player is frozen, game wont load, it sends me to the iphone home screen

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scrabble on iphone

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One player is frozen in scrabble, wont load, it goes to iphone home screen, how can I fix it or the delete game

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Scrabble on Iphone

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How do I delete old completed Scrabble games from my iphone?

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[Scrabble for iOS] deleted it and now when I go to reinstall it says it's already installed

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I purchased this and was having problems with. I deleted it and now when I go to reinstall it says it's already installed. Help please!

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[Scrabble for iOS] can't access all the other games

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I'm playing a scrabble game with #6662 and every time I try to play I get bounced . I can access all the other games , but not that one. My screen name is KennyM9. I've already been nudged because of this and I don't want to get aloss on my record. What can be done?

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Re: Scrabble problem

Community Manager

Hi kennym9,


At the moment, Scrabble is not supported on these boards.


If would would like to see Scrabble supported here, you can suggest it on the Idea Exchange. Best ideas will be periodically reviewed and implemented.




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Re: frozen player in scrabble

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I have two frozen games and it also takes me back to the main screen on ipad.

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Scrabble Tile App Uk

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I am looking for the tile app for Scrabble which is mentioned in the iPad version of scrabble. Why is this no available in the UK app store?

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[Scrabble for iOS] freezes and will not send word

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Scrabble for iPad.  Sometimes when I try to play a word it freezes and will not send.  Today my husband bought the game for his IPad, but when we go to create game thru Facebook the screen freezes at various point and won't complete process. I shut down my device the checked your site and saw to just sht down game.  Still won't work.  Why is it doing ths and how torectify?   Shouldn't be this hard to start a game.

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