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"random opponent" on nookcolor scrabble won't load

by judyglaze65

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Re: Scrabble on NOOK Color

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@h9eidi wrote:

Scrabble on Nook Color has stopped working. It won't update, and when I click on the menu I get an update screen that says "Tap to update." This connects to Google Play that has the message "We're sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server."  I've tried all the usual fixes--archiving, rebooting the device, etc. Please help!

This is happening to me too with no satisfaction from Electronic artists or who ever they are.  I am so frustrated with those updates screwing up my playing of the game scabble so I can never get my statistics and know how I am doing because of that update that does nothing.  Please get rid of it!! 

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Scrabble on my Nook Color

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To those who know I hope for an answer ASAP   I have been dealing with this issue for a long time and now that I am unemployed and playing my scrabble game more often that update thing that prevents me from seeing my statistics which is sooooo frustrating.  And when I have hit the update it doesn't go anywhere.   I see there have been complaints of this in your list of others looking for answers and yet are there any answers to this problem.  I am so upset with your company because thru my nook i have written to you many times with no reply.  Now if no answer to this please send me a phone number or call me to give me a chance to talk to a person.  Nancy E. Lauterbach   <phone number removed for security reasons>

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Re: Scrabble on my Nook Color

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This is a player helping player forum. If you want to contact ea, use this link:


Depending on your game and platform, ea offers a variety of help options. 

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scrabble is not updating on my nookcolor.I am dircect to play google web site. What should i do?

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scrabble ea

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the scrabble I purchased through barnes and noble will not transfer over to my nook tablet.  It says the device is uncompatibtle.  Can you help me get this app to intstall on my nook tablet?

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Scrabble on NOOK Color

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when will the Nook color be able to update the Scrabble game?    This is bad customer service.......

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"random opponent" on nookcolor scrabble won't load

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