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Scrabble HD glitch

by EveRgreeN985

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Scrabble HD glitch

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In Scrabble HD, there are times when a card at the top of a stack will remain face down.  I continue playing and a few plays later I can pass my curser over the card and it will flip face up, even though I have already tried clicking on it and whatever else I can think of to get it to turn face up.  This has happened to me several times. 


It seems to be after I've been playing a number of games.  I can still play other stacks and turning more from the pile while it is face down.  


I'm using Windows 10/Edge on a PC, if that helps you any.  And I have had no other problems with Scrabble except that recent problem with it not loading and saying it needed to be reconnected, which by the way seems to be now corrected.  This new problem has occurred both before that connection problem and now, after connection has been reestablished.


It seems to usually or always be the stack that is next to last (2nd from right side) in the row.  I hope this helps you.

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