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Re: Scrabble Free iphone 6 memory consumption

by minicha-em

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Scrabble Free iphone 6 memory consumption

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I'm somewhat outside of my element here.... I'm trying to assist my wife with a memory problem with "Scrabble free(SF)", on an iphone IOS 9.3.x.


She began receiving short on storage messages, and asked for help. I advised to remove some unnecessary items from the iphone, which extended the SF play somewhat.

Through my questioning, I learned that she had played 400+ games without any type of app reset, or memory clean. I then advised a full removal of SF, and we were surprised

to see an available memory gain of just over 5GB. Does this sound accurate? 5GB transient memory usage for game process? Is there possibly a memory leak somewhere?


Currently, I have asked that she remove/reinstall SF intermittently, to flush the memory consumption. I'm not an iphone, or a game guy, Would you agree with my recommendation(s)?








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Re: Scrabble Free iphone 6 memory consumption


Moved you post to the Scrabble board from the Simpsons Tapped Out


looking at my android I see it is 125MB, most of it on the SD card.

im not near 400 games but 5GB sounds like a lot.


this isnt my game, im not a helper on this board. We tend to be limited in our knowledge to a few games each

I dont know much about Scrabble except that Im better at it than my Hubby and that it tends to log me out half of the times when i close the app.

I do know that you can be better helped here than on the Simpson board Standard smile


Hopefully youll get an answer soon


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