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Scrabble Free for Android

by efbrodeur

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Re: Nook Color - Scrabble Update

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So, we're now into March and there still isn't a compatible version available for the Nook Tablet. I've revisited the Google Play page and it still will not load onto my Nook Tablet. This is ridiculous.


I'm assuming at this point EA will be issuing refunds to all of us who purchased the game through Barnes and Noble?

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Scrabble free app

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Samsung Galaxy S3 since the update to 4.4 I have not been able to open the Scrabble app. The screen flips and turns black. I have not seen any postings of anyone else having this problem. Am I alone in this or are you in the process of fixing it? I pulled my ipod out from under the dresser, but, would much rather use my phone.
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Re: [SCRABBLE Free for Android] not working properly

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My problem is that once Samsung updated my Galaxy SIII, the Scrabble game will not even load.  How can this be fixed?

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Re: Nook Color - Scrabble Update

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And now we're into the middle of June, and there's still no compatible update for the Nook Tablet.


Thanks for nothing, EA. I thought you guys would be smarter than this. You've ruined the game for many of us.

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annoying scrabble free android app pop-up

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I have the EA Scrabble Free app in my android.  Right now, there is a consistent pop-up that blocks the scrabble grid about every 12-15 seconds.  The only way to remove it is to use the back-button on the device itself.  I accidentally clicked on the pop-up once, and it took me to an ad page that said I couldn't view the ad page because I have a phone virus and need to "remove it now."  Of course, that's just *.  This only happens when I have the Scrabble game open.  I can use my device to do any internet usage and webpage browsing without any issues.  The pop-up is what I would consider the virus, not any real virus in my android at all.

It's been going on now for at least a week.  I play Scrabble with 4-5 other people pretty consistently, and I am not the only one experiencing this problem at the time. 

It was bad enough the last time we had an annoying problem with Scrabble that ended about a month ago.  Then it was this ad at the bottom of the screen that blocked some of the Scrabble functions and made it impossible to play the game without constantly opening up some unwanted ad page when all we may have wanted to do is to recall our letters, exchange our letters, or check the dictionary.  Those functions were impossible for several weeks. 

Now we have to deal with this horrible interference that has completely ruined the Scrabble gaming experience.

How do we stop this pop-up?

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