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Scrabble Free for Android

by efbrodeur

Original Post

Re: Nook Color - Scrabble Update

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Nils, as I  had stated previously- from my experience it seems that Google Play can't be used on the Nook color.  Again- "I found this Google web page which lists the devices that support Google Play, and the Nook color wasn't on it (Nook HD was, but not Nook color).  And when I tried searching for the Google Play app on my Nook color, it couldn't find it, and without the Google Play app I don't think this free version of Scrabble can be installed."  So the temporary workaround that you've suggested is of no benefit to me (unless I am mistaken, in which case I would welcome some specific instructions to address the problems I'm having with getting this free version to work on my Nook color.  But based on the pattern I've noticed so far with the replies from EA in this discussion, I honestly now have a sinking feeling that you're just going to totally ignore what I've said and simply repeat, "I've moved your thread..., we're still investigating this issue... try this free Google Play version instead for now..."  So, perhaps you could dispel my cynacism, by actually acknowledging what I've said and responding to that?  That would be oh-so nice- thank you...)

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Re: Nook Color - Scrabble Update

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The problem is that google play can not be accessed on The Nook Color so your suggestion is not a valid one. Goolgle play does not recognize the nook.

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Re: Nook Color - Scrabble Update

[ Edited ]
Community Manager

Thank you all for clarifying the issue with Google Play on the Nook Color. I have passed this on and will let you know as soon as I receive an update.

For now I have unmarked the previous post as the solution and would like to apologize for any confusion caused.




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Re: Nook Color - Scrabble Update

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Thanks so much for your latest reply Nils, I do appreciate it.  So, we will now be anxiously awaiting a fix for the Scrabble app, compatible with the Nook color (or a viable workaround- although a fix to the original app is much preferable!)  Confusedmileyhappy:   It's been quite a while now that we've all been without a working Scrabble game, so I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we're really hoping that you don't keep us waiting too much longer... thanks again! 

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Re: Nook Color - Scrabble Update

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Well, so much for my hopes that I wouldn't be waiting too long for a fix...   Frankly, at this point it's seriously looking like no one in your organization has done a darn thing about this (aside from Nils's messages saying "we're working on it, we'll let you know when we've got something...") and I'm now very skeptical as to whether you have any real intentions of ever doing anything about this.  So, perhaps if that's the case, you could just say so, so that at least we're not kept in limbo waiting forever?  (Or, if you actually are capable of fixing this, then can you just finally please DO IT, please!??!)  Thank you!

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When is Android Premium Scrabble being released?

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Friend brought an android tablet on my advice, but the major game she plays is scrabble, not realizing that there is currently no premium version of scrabble available on android, but there is on ipad and kindle... Since I told her to buy android instead of ios/Amazon os, I'd really like to know what to tell her... Sell her tablet and go to kindle or wait it out, please could you give some kind of indication of when this will be released.

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Re: When is Android Premium Scrabble being released?

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I take it since my post has been swept under the proverbial weight of a 5 page carpet about 'Free Scrabble' (which is not what I asked about or I would have added the post to the bottom of this post myself), that there is no intention to release a premium version in the near future.

That being the case I'll advise my friend to sell her tablet as premium scrabble was the only reason to buy one. Thank you for your help.

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SCRABBLE International (Android) - Skip Teacher option when desired

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When I am playing SCRABBLE against an opponent on the Android version of the game, I sometimes tap the Teacher option to see what word might have worked better.  But I would also like to Skip the rest of the animation once I have got the idea.  In other animations during gameplay, a Skip button appears at the bottom right.  During the Teacher animation playing against an online opponent, the buttons are ineffective.  I would like for at least the Next button to work or for a Skip button to appear during the animation.  I realise it is just a few seconds, just a suggestion.

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Scrabble for Android, notifications on kitkat

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Since getting a nexus 5 with KitKat, notifications have never worked. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing data, turning notifications off and on again... Nothing has worked.

How do I get notifications working again?
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Re: [SCRABBLE Free for Android] not compatible with Sony Tablet S?

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did you get an answer????  if yes, whichone??

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