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Scrabble Free for Android

by efbrodeur

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Re: SCRABBLE stuck updating on galaxy s3

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I'm having the same problem.
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Scrabble Not Working

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Ever since the update you have to keep installing and unistalling in order for it to work. Judging by all the comments, it seems everybody is having the same problem. It goes into update mode and then does nothing. Has anybody been able to contact company for an answer?

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scrabble app no longers works on kobo - says it is in compatible with the device - been working for 8 months

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Re: scrabble app no longers works on kobo - says it is in compatible with the device - been working for 8 months

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Heya everyone,


Thank you for making us aware, the issue with Scrabble free being stuck at updating is currently being investigated. I will update you as soon as I receive an update.




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unable to connect with Facebook friends on Scrabble

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I recently reloaded Scrabble free on my Kindle Fire and it updated the game and worked great for a week or so, but now I can't get it to connect with my Facebook friends which is who I like to play with.

What can I do to reconnect with my Facebook friends to play my favorite game: SCRABBLE?  Standard smile

~Wanda Turcotte

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Re: scrabble app not working on Android for 6 Weeks!

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It is going on 6 Weeks scrabble will not connect to Facebook friends on Android. When is someone going to seriously fix this problem??? WWF is going to be giving me ads since I can't play this unreliable game/app.
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Re: scrabble app not working on Android for 6 Weeks!

Community Manager

Heya everyone,


We will be performing a scheduled maintenance today and tomorrow, please check out this sticky for more details:




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In playing Scrabble Free, there was a game ending with a total score of 339, after I made the last play but the other player got the win when we both had 339. Is this a scrabble rule or an error?
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Betreff: Scrabble

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SCRABBLERS can find information for their game (depending on the Scrabble version, there are many differents available) here:  dedicated forum available Scrabble Forum & ► Known issues


I think you will find the entire list in this thread: Scrabble Games

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Scrabble for Android issues

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I've found a couple of issues with Scrabble for Android.


1.  A bug with the in app dictionary:  It has multiple words that are simply not valid (by comparison to the Hasbro word list as well as all available dictionaries online and off).  Examples:  Homamegohm, gammat (which is a derogatory south african term for the accent of Cape colored people - but not an english/american word), teene.


2.  No way to select dictionary:  The help says I should be able to go to options and select dictionary but I cannot.


3.  Excessive ads:  After every move is excessive.  Not even an option for those who'd be willing to pay to get rid of ads.

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