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Scrabble Free for Android

by efbrodeur

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[SCRABBLE Free for Android] Scrabble on my Android hangs on UPDATING...

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For the past 5-6 days, Scrabble on my Android has stopped working.  When I try to start a game, it hangs on UPDATING... and never brings up the actual board with the tiles on it.  I removed and re-installed it, but I'm having the same issue.  It had been working fine for most or the past year.

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Re: Scrabble on my Android hangs on UPDATING...

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Any Suggestions?

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Re: Scrabble App

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Please answer my question.


Thank you.



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Re: [SCRABBLE Free for Android] How can you fix scrabble on my android? It crashes or wont get past updating,

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me is so works on my kindle fire hd and laptop, but not on my new galaxy that i just got.....driving me nuts, and not a way that i can find to get a hold of a tech or guru or someone...



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Re: [SCRABBLE Free for Android] How can you fix scrabble on my android? It crashes or wont get past updating,

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At the moment, SCRABBLE Free for Android is not supported on these boards. However, I'm sure that the Answer HQ player community will be happy to help you.


If would would like to see SCRABBLE Free for Android supported here, you can suggest it on the Idea Exchange. Best ideas will be periodically reviewed and implemented.

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[Scrabble] [various versions] unable to connect

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I have a kobo Vox, that came with the scrabble app already loaded.  I have not been able to get in to any of the games I started.  It just keeps updating for 20 minutes or more and then I give up.  Please help as I have many games started.

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Scrabble free on Android phone unable to link/ connect to Facebook

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Hi there

My husband use to be able to play scrabble with me on his Android phone until after a factory reset of his phone.

Now he can play with random opponents but not Facebook friends.

When tries to connect to face book the following appears


[REMOVED - Personal Information]


stating the page as moved or that it is temporarily down.


He has no problems on facebook itself just the HTC One V.

Any help geatly appreciated.


Note we have the  EA Scrabble Mantel as we are in Australia



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SCRABBLE stuck updating on galaxy s3

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suddenly scrabble is stuck updating. the Facebook button doesn't respond. if I clear data in applications manager the game will work fine until I exit and reopen Scrabble. galaxy s3 updated to the newest version. help!
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Scrabble Free for Android - Facebook connectivity issues for two weeks now

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Scrabble hasn't worked for two weeks on either my or my wife's Androids.  I've deleted and re-installed the app and it still doesn't work.  I've logged out of both Origin and Facebook... re-logged in and get the same issue.  It connects fine to Origin.  When I try to connect to Facebook, all I get is "you have already authorized Scrabble". Click OK and then it just hangs on the Loading screen.

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Scrabble for Kindle Fire will not log in through Facebook

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Suddenly and inexplicably, my Scrabble app for Kindle refuses to connect through Facebook and launch my ongoing games. I've been using the app to play regularly for months, and I can still play on my laptop, but for some reason starting yesterday it refuses to log in and find my stats and games. I have tried reinstalling Scrabble and nothing has worked. Any help appreciated.


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