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Re: Scrabble Dictionary Update

by clodene

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Scrabble Dictionary Update

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Merriam-Webster recently published an updated Scrabble dictionary:


Have these new words been added to the list of acceptable words in the Scrabble application?  If not, is there an ETA for updating this list?


Thank you for your consideration!

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Re: Scrabble Dictionary Update

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I'm eager to start using the new Merriam Webster 2018 dictionary for my online Scrabble games. I have the paper copy.

When will you update your website?

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Re: Scrabble Dictionary Update

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This is me again, Scrabnut. The new dictionary is live on my iPad Scrabble game but not on iPhone or Mac computer.

Any fix possible? I deleted and reinstalled Scrabble on iPhone, but it's old. The new words are great.

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Re: Scrabble Dictionary Update

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Well, the new words appeared for one game a couple of days ago, and now the dictionary is back to the older words.

Please update to Merriam Webster 2018 Official Scrabble Dictionary.

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Re: Scrabble Dictionary Update

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Are these new words ever going to be added to the scrabble app?

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