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Scrabble Blast for iOS

by lnldzeh

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Scrabble Blast for iOS

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Couldn't find Scrabble Blast in the Product selection.


After upgrading my iPad3 to IOS6 Scrabble Blast has a black screen but the sound appears to work.

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frozen player in scrabble

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[Scrabble for iOS] many many problems

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[Scrabble for iOS] Trying to verify my email in Scrabble forums but get an error. Cannnot get into Scrabble games

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Re: [Scrabble Blast] Black Screen after upgrade to IOS6

Community Manager

Hi lnldzeh,


At the moment, Scrabble Blast is not supported on these boards.


If would would like to see Scrabble Blast supported here, you can suggest it on the Idea Exchange. Best ideas will be periodically reviewed and implemented.




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[Scrabble] frustrations over limitations of ELO ratings

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Since the new IOS install I have a banner at the top of the page and cannot see my complete score. I can barely see the bottom numbers of my score. My game of scrabble blast was not listed.
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