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Need assistance with Scrabble Play with Friends Origin (iPhone)

by dandchef

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Need assistance with Scrabble Play with Friends Origin (iPhone)

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Hi Everyone and EA support,


My son and I have iPhones and both have the paid version of Scrabble. We would like to start a new game and connect to each other's phones using Origin. I created accounts for each of us, but after we log in to Origin, the search field for Find Friend is greyed out and there is no way we have found to type in the field.


I tried to establish the link to him from my Mac, so I downloaded the Origin app, installed and loaded it, but was unable to find Scrabble at all. I figured that if I could start a game there, then when we log in on our mobile devices, we could see each other in the Friends recent played box.


Additionally, he likes to play with his grandmother who has a PC and doesn't use a cell phone or tablet. Could she get the app for PC and using Origin play Scrabble with her grandson over the internet?


Please give details for how-to if you could.


Thanks a lot,



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