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Re: Inviting a friend to a scrabble game

by Tron1615

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Re: Inviting a friend to a scrabble game

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Took a lot of trial and error, but we were finally able to add each other as friends and play Scrabble on the app on iPhones. Thanks!
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Re: Inviting a friend to a scrabble game

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How about some details from you about how EXACTLY we play a friend online.

I signed up on EA. When I go to it says "welcome to me with my username". So, I assume I have an account.

When I go to it recognizes my user name.

I have added my friend on

But, I can not find anywhere that allows my to invite my friend to play scrabble.



Dumb it down for me cause I ain't a computer geek. Step by step instructions please instead of general comments that assume I know what page your on and what I am suppose to do on that page.


Thank you.



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Re: Inviting a friend to a scrabble game

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And still no actual answer. Here's a hint people: if you've figured out how to do it, POST HOW TO DO IT. Don't just come and make a post saying you figured it out and then nothing else.

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