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Re: Connection network error

by Suman20

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Connection network error

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I have not been able to play scrabble premium online on my iPhone for the last 5 days. I get a message that says There seems to be a problem connecting to the network when I try to log in or start a new game. Very irritating to say the least.
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Re: Connection network error

EA Staff

Hello @mrolet,


The team is aware an investigating the recent connection issues with the game. 

More info and a message from the team: (some more info here).


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused.


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Re: Connection network error

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For the past two days I am unable to see any of my active games, despite getting messages that guests are waiting to play. When I try to create a new game there is a message saying no connection to server. This is the second time I have experienced a major glitch with this game and I don't think it's good enough. Last time I had to delete and reinstall and lost all my game history. How is it that this issue is still happening?

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Re: Connection network error

[ Edited ]
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It's hard to put into words quite how terrible the experience is at the moment (on Android via Origin at least).  To avoid saying the same thing twice you can read my other post here - Severe In-Game Problems!


There have been some massive connection issue happening RIGHT NOW which the company seems unable to cope with.  But that's not the worst of it, these things happen.


For a while I was under the fairly justifiable impression his was a result of some of the buggy, intensive HD ads running after each play - the worst offender being the Antigua / British Airways video which really kills the game - I haven't seen this ad for 24 hours now which is a big relief.  As I asked on the other post ... PLEASE give us an ad-free premium version for Android!


This bit can be repeated - if you want to play regularly without ads the cost will end up being FAR MORE than the cost of a normal app or even a typical game with in-app purchases.  50 coins = 5 free games which costs 0.99p.  So if you play oince a day for a month (which isn't a lot), not including weekends, that's already £4.00 which is already close to the cost of Minecraft, Crashlands and so on.  That really means people will probably hardly ever use or buy coins.  That might sound good, like "hey, more ad views", but the actual percentage of people who genuinely look at an ad or click through will probably be EVEN LOWER than before.   In fact forcing more people to watch more ads that they are not interested in means almost certainly lower click rates, so from a marketing analytics point of view the value (ie. fee worth paying) for each advert is lower. 


By comparison to the above, I am less worried about the tile design etc. but I would say it wouldn't take a huge amount of programming to improve the game experience by possibly 50%, and increase customer satisfaction massively ... which I would imagine will lead to higher revenues either from the paid version, in-app purchases, or better advertising ratios. 


Anyway, the connection stuff seems to have improved a bit since yesterday ... unlike my letters.



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Re: Connection network error

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@EA_Mage "Cannot connect to server error" since morning on my iPhone scrabble App.. Every now and then I would have this problem but gets fixed after repeated reloading... But this time it would just not work.
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Re: Connection network error

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@Suman20 Mine just loaded.
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Re: Connection network error

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Oh! Mine did now as well... Hope iThey fixed the bug... Every now and then, I get this problem...



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