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Re: Subscriber Reward

by mokrimnal

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Re: Subscriber Reward

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I'm sitting in my ship with no access

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Re: Subscriber Reward

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just got off with support apparently something did not go through right and im waiting on a ticket thanks guys for all the info. 

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Re: Subscriber Reward

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I didn't received my mails with rewards and don't have early access !

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Re: Subscriber Reward

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Same here:


Ticket no 20950728 or 335322637 (your ticket system is duplicating tickets so it's one of those).


Sub dates:


2015/10/10 1:05 AM CLOSED - - £ 8.99 1001700320667
2015/09/10 1:06 AM CLOSED - - £ 8.99 1001621720667
2015/08/10 8:14 PM CLOSED - - £ 8.99 1001575120667


First reward cutoff was august 10th 11.59 PM PDT.


I am frustrated by this and unless this is resolved swiftly I will consider not renewing my subscription which is on a 30 day basis and I am a player with 100's of days playtime across all my alts.

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Re: Subscriber Reward

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Community Manager

Thanks for the posts. 

There's another update on this, please try a relog again: 


As a follow-up to my last post. We were able to discover a billing / timing issue which was causing a small subset of users to not have Early Access, when they should have it. We have made adjustments and corrected the issue. If you feel you were supposed to have Early Access but didn't, please relog and see if you now have access.

If after that you still don't have access, but feel that you should, please contact CS in-game for further assistance. Thanks everyone!



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Re: Subscriber Reward

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can someone help pls


if i subscribe can i have more than two characters on a server?

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Re: Subscriber Reward



Yes See this link


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Re: Subscriber Reward

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thank you so much you saved so much trouble thank you again. 

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Re: Subscriber Reward

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i got the expansion packs but i subed cuz it said i get a swoop bike if i did it before the 19th 

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