Dark Temple Display Bug

par az3rtyy

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Dark Temple Display Bug

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Dear EA Games,

I am holtyt (account name)


Since about 3 weeks (or more) the Dromund Kaas's Dark Temple has a display bug


Actually the dark temple is empty so we can't do missions in it


I hope you'll solve the bug quickly and I wish you good luck


Have a nice day

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Re: Dark Temple Display Bug

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@az3rtyy  Hello, 

Just in case, did you check if your graphic drivers were up to date?  if you click on the launcher and click on the cog wheel icon ? is the option to repair the game greyed out ? 
Have you tried to lower the graphic settings, just to check if it would change how the area is displayed?
Is your pc also meeting the minimum requirement?  https://help.ea.com/en/help/star-wars/star-wars-the-old-republic/swtor-system-requirements/

I went to The Dark temple but for me the area is loading fine.. i can see npcs  inside, and map loading as well ...

If that keeps happening, might also be worth to try to contact the customer service at support @ swtor.com ( had to add spaces otherwise won't recognize the mail address).

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Re: Dark Temple Display Bug

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Fenril2014 Hi,


Where is the second space I must add ?

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Re: Dark Temple Display Bug

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@az3rtyy  sorry there is no space it's all in one go ^^ but if i enter the mail on the forum without putting space, the address will be deleted  support @ swtor.com   so no space between

support and @ and no space between @ and swtor.com

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