Re: [OPEN] Rayvis bossfight glitched

by JseeThree

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Re: Rayvis bossfight glitched

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So I plan on waiting for a fix, to restart would be a bitter shame.  I've waited a while for this game I'd rather wait a bit longer rather than start over.  Please fix this EA, Respawn, Yoda, somebody...

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Re: [OPEN] Rayvis bossfight glitched

Hi everyone.


Thanks for reporting this issue.

I've added it to the community list and given it a TAG.


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Re: Rayvis bossfight glitched

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I also just encountered This Issue on PS5, the same as every1 else, his second phase after killing him triggered a cutscene but he killed me at the same time as the cutscene triggered, and when i died a few seconds later into his cutscene i had to do the fight again but this time it didnt trigger any cutscenes, ONLY his phase that changes, and he becomes immortal after bringing him down in his second phase to no Health,


i have tried everything i could,


- restarting game 

- reinstalling game

- dying another way than facing him

- trying to go to another area in the same map

- not picking up XP and dying again

- constantly trying to bash on him for 7 minutes straight after he has no health

- trying changing varius settings 


This was on PS5! no way to progress, i can ONLY restart the entire game, which i dont want to, and sadly there is allready too many spoilers on youtube so its hard to jus sit and wait for a patch... but with 50% of the game done and the slow part just about to be OVER now im pretty sad to sit here and just have to restart everything,

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Re: [OPEN] Rayvis bossfight glitched

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EA Respawn Team

Marking as Accepted Solution for visibility purposes


Thanks for all the info and videos here. Working on a fix for this now so that you can still progress if this happens.

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Re: [OPEN] Rayvis bossfight glitched

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Thank you so much, do you know if there is an ETA of when the next patch update will be containing this fix or if it’s safe to assume it will be before the end of the week? Already had certain moments spoiled as I haven’t been able to progress and just kinda hope to just finish it by this point Frown

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Re: [OPEN] Rayvis bossfight glitched

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i do agree, i have browsed youtube and i have alot of ''vids from youtubers spoiling the final boss, and plot twists in the thumbnail.. and i quickly tried to remove channel recogniztion but i can only avoid so much , just wanna continue playing :D so hoping for a fix soon

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Re: Rayvis bossfight glitched

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I’m having the same issue.  This needs to get fixed asap. Idk why I spent 85 dollars for the deluxe edition for the game to be broken and unplayable. Reviews for this game are going to start taking a huge dive unless they fix this in the next day or 2. …… best part about the game, not being able to play the * game

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Re: Rayvis bossfight glitched

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You didn’t fix the Rayvis boss fight so your update was pointless. Fix your game and get your * together

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Re: Rayvis bossfight glitched

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The glitch just happened to me as well. 

For clarification after defeating Rayvis’s first health bar a cutscene plays out and his second bar comes in. Upon defeating Rayvis and Cal dying at the same time, the game resets to the nearest meditation point and from that point you can climb back to the tower and begin the fight again. 

At this point even after defeating Rayvis’s second phase the cutscene does not begin and Rayvis continues to fight with no health. 

Progression locks and the game can’t be played further upon reloading the game. 

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Re: [OPEN] Rayvis bossfight glitched

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@brandedrespawn i have been having so much fun with this game.. when this glitch happened to me last night i continued to play just thinking it wasnt showing how much health he had when in reality it was glitched out and i spent 5 hours trying to beat it/ figure out a way around the glitch xD would appreciate a fix asap! thank you for a wicked star wars jedi experience though- this game is top tier just some minor bugs to iron out
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