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Game Progress Halted

by RGF_Ontanium

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Game Progress Halted

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Hi, my issue is that the game requires I play DLC to completely acquire some items but literally no one play DLC. There are no clans or players that go around playing DLC. I have over 100 hours on PC and I can tell you that there is no other way to complete the game than to pay £10 for the unlocks (not actually completing the game but at least getting all the usable items).

On top of this Origin does nothing about cheaters which are rife. Nearly every game I am in has at least one hacker. Sometimes they fly from one side to the other in the blink of an on (on foot), other times they kill in one shot from across the map (even if you playing as a hero) which is just impossible without hacks.

I told Origin tech support and they link me to this forum. So here I am. Doubt whether anything will come of this but here goes. EA! THIS GAME IS BROKEN!

p.s would be nice if you didn't extort customers by forcing them to pay you £10 for the unlocks, or at least lower the price considering what I have just put forward.

p.p.s And do something about the hacking!






Here is the link to my thread, it also has a chat transcript:


Another thread from a fellow user:

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