Administrator Control Of Servers

by Kazanskyy

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Administrator Control Of Servers

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I've been in several games where someone has seemingly achieved administrator-level control over gameservers. Specifically, galactic assault servers found by matchmaking. The player will be able to type messages in chat anonymously. The player will also be able to force all other players into permanent cinematic mode, where the game camera travels randomly around the entire map - whether you've spawned or not.
How are EA gameservers even vulnerable to such an exploit? Why does the functionality even exist? There would be no exploit if the devs didn't code this functionality into the game. This is absurd. 
I can't even report the player because there's 40 people in the game and I have no idea who's doing it and their messages, once again, are anonymous. There is no username, there's a yellow bar next to their messages in the chat window and that's it.

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Re: Administrator Control Of Servers

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@Kazanskyy we have been telling them about this and they seem not to care about it
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Re: Administrator Control Of Servers

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Here is a screenshot of what came up on the left (top) and in chat (bottom)
You can clearly see him speaking anonymously, with a yellow tick next to his message

The stuff at the top of the screenshot like "UI Input Flow Simulation test" is being forced to clients from the server

Maybe EA wants us to stop playing the game since there's no money to be made off of us now

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Re: Administrator Control Of Servers

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@Kazanskyy it is even worse then this (for your information, if you did not notice):
The cheaters/EA-server-hackers can use ANY username/nickname if they wish in the message window. In the past, they chose to use known player nicks. Many people reported those nicks, even if those players not necessarily one of the fourthy people!
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