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Re: What is the Aiming arrow tool doing exactly?

by twoorb

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What is the Aiming arrow tool doing exactly?

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Can someone chime in and help me understand how the power/aiming point tool works in Rory?

On the greens, I totally get how it's what you use to set power for a normal perfect swing on flat ground (or it feels that way and operates fine for me), but I'm a bit unsure what's really going on with that aiming point on other shots.

Here's my example, as I sit here right now...

I'm on Sawgrass 15th about to hit my 2nd.

I have 177y to the pin and I've been set up with 6 iron that will go 181y it says in the bottom right. In the distance, the aiming point is out there saying 177y, but I can move it slightly further away from me and it then reads 181y.

Why is it set up to 177y (in this case) and what does that mean?

Is this a carry/rollout thing?

Is this a "caddy" deciding the power for me?

Or am I inducing more risk and requiring a more perfect swing to get that full 181y from the club and thus the game doesn't set me up with that full distance on the aiming point to start? shot/question..

So now I purposely hit up a bit short (by clubbing down) for another example that I'm again not sure what's happening.

Now I'm hitting my 3rd from 27y out.
I've been equipped with a "default shot" 58 degree wedge that says it can go 109y.

My aiming point is set near the flag at 27y.

If I hit a "full power/perfect shot" will I really be getting around that 27y amount of distance or do I need to partial power the swing to try to get about 1/4 the distance this 58 degree wedge is actually capable of?

In short - is that aiming point setting power for this wedge shot, as it does on the green for the putter?

Or is the aiming point just for reference/aiming and to scope out elevation changes for the non-putter clubs?


And if the aiming tool is literally adjust shot power and then you swing "100%" on every shot, how is the game doing that in golf terms?

Is it just pre-setting a "partial power/easier swing"?  (that seems awfully unrealistic if so)

Thank you!

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Re: What is the Aiming arrow tool doing exactly?

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Just so I'm clear what I mean by the aiming arrow, I mean the thing you move with the d-pad.


Is it just me, or is that thing basically "dial a distance"?


I find it pretty disappointing you can literally just "move the d-pad around" and set specific distance for all the clubs.


That is ridiculously unrealistic on Tour mode and I'm really surprised that's something that's in there and not able to be disabled (other than just "not using it" I guess?)


So no partial power or having the swing be responsible for fine tuning distance?

You literally just point the d-pad arrow wherever you want for exact distance and swing 100% all the time?



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