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Bring back Tiger Woods and take back your golf game from HB STUDIOS


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Bring back Tiger Woods and take back your golf game from HB STUDIOS

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You thought Rory was going to be a big success when you ditch Tiger Woods because of his personal issues. Now you can't even find one celebrity golfer that has been on every golf game that you had since 1995. That's 23 years ago Rory on the other hand didn't even make it to the 2nd year. Now you need to negotiate with Tiger Woods because there is no other golfer that can play as good as he does. You need a golf game because HB Studios suck at making a golf game. Even Frostbite sucks when you had them enhance the graphics. But gameplay was good. Either way you need to take back the golf game from HB STUDIOS they are the worst. The only thing good about them is creating a golf course that's not a real golf course and naming them yourself.

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Re: Bring back Tiger Woods and take back your golf game from HB STUDIOS

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We welcome feedback @PINSEEKER62  but please try to keep it constructive and on point.




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Re: Bring back Tiger Woods and take back your golf game from HB STUDIOS

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I think his statement was relevant and on point, but I’d like to add to it if I could...


im going to tell you a few of your problems at EA, it’s not personal, it’s facts. First, the old forum was corrupted by fighting between the golfers, if you were too good, you were obviously a cheater and if you played amateur you were a noob, and the moderators and some of the devs fueled this argument. This site it better, so, cudos to you guys for shutting that down. But about the game. I enjoy all ways to play, from amateur to tour, and I’m fairly decent at them all, not the best, but can hold my own. Been playing since 1998. My favorite year was 2009, most will say 2010, but for me it was 09. Why? Because the arcade mode was superb, the best of the best. You people at EA keep wanting to make the game more realistic but that’s not what most players want, oh yes, you will have more negative posts about what I’m saying than positive ones but search your feelings Luke. Lol, seriously, just look at the numbers of any year of any daily tournament and you will see that amateur tournaments were the most populated. That’s what paid you. I understand how it works, online players are a tiny fraction of game sales, but I think it shows a trend, do you really think the guy who buys the game and drinks a few beers with his friends at night while playing are playing tour? Really? But again you guys want that realism, well bravo, look where it got you. The Golf Club wants the same thing, look at their sales, lol, they’re worse than yours. Most players want a golf game that’s fun. But not stupid, it’s a delicate balance, you had it in 09, 10, 11, 12...after that you started going the other way. You don’t need tiger, you don’t need Rory, just make a good game, thanks

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