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Attribute Bonuses


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Attribute Bonuses

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Game instructions refer to 24 possible attribute bonuses. I only see 22. Does anybody else have 24? No matter how many more tournaments I play I'm stuck at OVR 92. How do you open up the other 2 attribute bonuses to get beyond OVR 92? Also, sometimes it shows OVR 93 with certain combinations but when I select those it defaults back to OVR 92, which is the same as Rory McIllroy's. What good does it do to build a character if they can't go beyond Rory? Might as well play as Rory!!
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Re: Attribute Bonuses

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overall 93 combo is dialed in, brute force, dart thrower, and clutch.



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Re: Attribute Bonuses

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you can switch clutch against balanced plus wich also gives you 93. Heard max is 95 tho

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Re: Attribute Bonuses

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Hey, if I have all my attributes on balanced, balanced, balanced and ultra balanced I get an overall 88. When I used the combo dialed in, brute force, dart thrower and clutch I jumped up to a 94.

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Re: Attribute Bonuses

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[Brute Force, Piped, Dialed In, & Clutch]=93 Overall
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