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[PS4] Oceanic [Mythic Gaming] PS4 community

by TheMythicWolf

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[PS4] Oceanic [Mythic Gaming] PS4 community

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Hey Everyone,

I run an Oceanic gaming community of 200+ members by the name of Mythic Gaming. We've been incredibly hyped about Anthem since the very moment we saw it's announcement. A few of our members have had hands on experience with the game already and will be participating in the upcoming open beta as well. We're looking to recruit more Oceanic based players (or players that can adjust to our timezone) to play together and experience everything Anthem has to offer at launch.

A little about myself first. My name is Shaun and i'm a 28 year old gaming enthusiast from Australia, I will be maining the Colossus Javelin at launch and ideally be "tanking" for our Mythic squads during level up and end game content. I'm also a streamer on Twitch and my goal is to make my channel heavily focused around Anthem content and playing/engaging with the Anthem PS4 community. You can check me out at


We don't really have a recruitment form or any of that tedious process that requires you to take time out of your day to "apply" for a gaming community. 

If you're looking for a mature, fun, social and friendly bunch of people to enjoy Anthem at launch then this is the place for you. Our focus will be helping each other out to level and progress through the game with a VERY heavy emphasis on semi hardcore end game progression through strongholds on the hardest difficulties with an experienced group of players with a strong history of MMO raiding and PVE progression. We aim to have set days and set times for groups to be online to do scheduled activities in game and help everyone progress through the game and experience all the content.

If this group sounds like something you may want to be a part of, head over to and feel free to join. Even if you're already in a guild for Anthem and you're just looking for another friendly community, this is the place for you <3.

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