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[PS4] Clan/Guild/Community

by QxQGaming21

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[PS4] Clan/Guild/Community

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Anthem’s Freelancers


We are a starting community looking for people that desire to play Anthem in a casual atmosphere. 


We will make a Clan in-game and also a community is already created on PSN.


Anthem’s Freelancers will stand for the following things:


  • Casual clan
  • Helping hand, we try to help where possible
  • Respecting each other
  • Raids and strongholds
  • And whatever activity you can image... We will do it!


It doesn’t matter from where you are, but our spoken language will ve English.


How to JOIN US:


Community on PS4: Anthem’s Freelancers


Or add me on PSN: Syncro-1


Hope to see you soon!

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Re: Clan/Guild

★★★ Guide


You sound exactly like the kind of people we're looking for.  Positive, chill, looking to have fun without drama.


If you and your Guild are interested, I highly recommend and the Coalition of United Freelancers.  We're like a Family of Guilds, so people can join as individuals, but still be part of their own groups and Guild.


We're a fast growing community of positive, helpful, fun people.  Anyone is welcome to join as long as you're a decent person.  We have all platforms covered.


Finding team mates

Getting information on a part of the game, enemy, gear, etc

Or just discussing Anthem in all its greatness


We have a Discord server set up as well that you're also welcome to join.  Even if just to be part of another group of positive Freelancers.


Check out, Official Headquarters of the Coalition of United Freelancers.


Aim True, Freelancers!

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Re: Clan/Guild

★★★★ Novice



Where are the bulk of your members from? I'm looking to start of join a group that have a few oceanic players. 



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Re: Clan/Guild

★★★ Guide


In fact, we have people from all over.  UK, US, Canada, Europe, and still expanding.


One of the great parts of the Outpost and the CoUF is being able to find people from your area.  Our goal is to become the go-to place for finding team members, information, art, and everything else Anthem.  Standard smile

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Re: Clan/Guild

★★★★ Novice

I will contact you soon to talk about things

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Re: PS4 Clan/Guild/Community

★★★★ Novice

Thank you for the information and the invite.  I'm looking forward to interacting more with other members of the community and sharing information as we create our own Anthem.

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