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Re: Anthem Guild Ideas! Thoughts?

by Viperions0

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You can still be a lone wolf in a pack.  I've been doing it my whole life.  Wink

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As have I @DrakenWolfe but I really would like to be in a pack for this game and really tackle on the higher endgame content and to help others once that has been cleared. Theres only so much a lone wolf can do believe me lol

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Agreed. Much more fun with others. I'm planning to dive into this with both feet, and being part of a team to tackle the harder stuff is what makes it such a great experience.


I've been a loner my whole life, and I understand that it's not ideal. Standard smile


What platform are you on?

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@CoUF_ShadowJav wrote:

 Theres only so much a lone wolf can do believe me lol

Try solo raids on world of warcraft some are just plain dying fest from the beginning of them.

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I'm on Ps4 really hoping sony stops being stubborn on crossplay just in case anthem goes in that direction which I really hope it does

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@CoUF_SZKURZY: I would always be careful with those statements - its *unlikely* to get you in trouble because it doesn't specifically compromise any content that they don't want to show, but there's nothing stopping someone from biting your head off for saying something that specifically refers to your experience in closed alpha, ergo, breaking NDA. It doesn't necessarily pertain to only information about the game, but also information about your experience positive or negative. Just, again, it's unlikely to happen because its too benign. I do encourage people to be careful though, as its technically not within the bounds of the NDA. Tongue out 

Additionally, even when the game enters VIP Demo/Open Beta, we still are NDA bound to *not* talk about the closed alpha. Pretty sure that you mean "we can talk about the game experience with the general public" versus meaning "talk about the alpha", but I'm just going to attach a flag to that for people coming in and reading. Technically, you cannot talk about things like comparing beta experience to alpha experience, as the NDA restriction does not lift. Tongue out It's just unlikely (though not guaranteed) for anyone to pursue.

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Trying to arrange sort of Anthem Wiki?

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Re: Anthem Guild Ideas! Thoughts?

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@CoUF_SZKURZY: As requested, reviewing the thread! 

What comes to mind is we do know that there will be guilds/clans/whatever, we just don't know the details ( I personally would be entirely down to see an overarching Alliance system (as you have mentioned in this by basically creating a 'guild family') but I cannot see that really happening outside of them introducing PvP or what not, as it doesn't synergize super well (even if I super enjoy the idea). I am trying to remember what game I played wherein peoples contributions to the guild/alliance allowed them to unlock content from the guild/alliance, but I would love to see something like that. I just don't expect it - it is more likely to be a tag, maybe a cosmetic flair, and a loose play group thing. I am going to be keeping an ear to the ground on what BioWare does with guilds, as I do tend to like established networks.

@MEGAF1UX: 'Fan club' / Social group guilds exist within many, many, many games. Its not really problematic. Leaning more towards MMOs and such like, I have definitely run people through content that they couldn't complete on their own. It wasn't the dedication of my time because at the end of the day I wanted to do things that were meaningful for me, but it doesn't preclude such activities. 

@CoUF_SZKURZY: I am not familiar with Destiny 2, but I know that Destiny 1 didn't really have a match making ability. Thankfully it *does* sound like Anthem is going to have a matchmaking capability - we were told that Strongholds would require 4 players to start, and we "would have to either rely on matchmaking or form our own squads". That plus the difficulty curve making things more accessible (I am not familiar personally with any statement saying any content will be restricted from access on certain difficulties) means that content should be MUCH more accessible for the player base. Of course the wild card here is things like 'skill checks', and whether either that is just more forgiving in lower difficulty, or mechanics flat out only exist at certain difficulty tiers. I mentioned in another thread that I would love to see them create 'opt-in' mechanics, ala Arch Tempered Kulv Tarov in MHW, or just (at least when I was playing WoW last in WoTLK) ways to make the game harder for more loot. I.e.: "Don't smash any of the hive eggs, so you deal with a substantially larger amount of trash / additional spawns.etc.etc". This allows players to craft the experience to their capability, and only locks away 'loot', not experiences.

@MEGAF1UX: To use a quick example here: I personally play on PC, so I have to deal with Origin. Origin has a 100 person friends list cap (which is frankly absurd), something that I was able to essentially instantly fill up in my Titanfall days from just grabbing the major folk within the pseudo-competitive scene (I was not competitive, but I played with a lot of folk who did). In the case of Titanfall its a bit wonkier because you needed people on the friends list to invite into games/join the private matches .. But this means that moving forward with Anthem, if I want to rely heavily on my friends list for my play group, I need to either dump my friends list (which based on me no longer being at the friends cap, some folk have already done - and I don't blame them), or I need a secondary support that exists outside of JUST my friends list. We know that clans/guilds will be in this game - it's something that exists mechanically already. We also know that independent of support for clans or guilds, they are going to exist. Titanfall didn't have any sort of clan capacity, but that didn't stop -RA-, -IAM- and other communities from springing up. These communities heavily leaned on their own private networks to socialize and chat .. And that's more of an 'elitist' capacity than what you're talking about here. I am not saying that they were elitist in any sort of a bad way, but I am simply saying its not accessible to the greater community. Szkurhan's efforts not necessarily align with my own interests, but creating a social group that anyone can join independent of any 'criteria' or skill set does not in turn make it a bad / elitist thing. 

Matchmaking is great - as you said, it allows people to very easily slide into a group. It also allows people to very easily slide out of the group. As an older game, I kind of miss the days wherein it was actually harder to matchmake. Counterstrike back in the day had KNOWN servers with KNOWN personalities, because they were the folk that regularly played there. I still have the gaming connections I formed from back then. Similarly, WoW or FFXI had known personalities and folk to the server, and you knew who you were grouping with. Reputation mattered. I'm not advocating that we should move back into those days of lowered accessibility, but creating spaces for people to socialize, make new friends, and play with that group independent of who their already established friends are is not a bad endeavor. 

ED: Whoops, said FFVI instead of FFXI. Corrected! Thanks @Katevolution

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Re: Anthem Guild Ideas! Thoughts?

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@shannabee3 we all have lives, and time. some fill it with work some fill it with gaming we all do other things during the day I dont want anyone to feel penalized for because they had something else to do. 



Dont worry about anything, things happen all the time. My thing is we will be there when you need it and when you want solo play time your just fine to do that not making anything "mandatory" 

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@CoUF_ShadowJav Haaaaaaaaavvvve you met @Katevolution?  



Thanks for your interest and feedback!!!


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