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Re: WeTheFools - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

by TheGamingYoda

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WeTheFools - Tha water's fine! Good laughs, team work, no drama, just fun!

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WeTheFools - PS4 Clan - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

We are a PS4 ONLY, 18+ non-toxic clan that has been going strong for three years. We have had a TON of chances to become a HUGE group numbering in the thousands but we have not allowed that to happen. Why? Two words: quality control. Because we want to make sure that the "fools" that join us are people that have your back. That are quick to laugh, quick to help, but not quick to stab you in the back or be rude. We have some clan rules but the main one is simple; don't be rude. If the above interests you¿ Hit us up and let us know you are interested in "becoming a fool"! hehe I'll post more in-depth details about us below!


Who ¿
We are WeTheFools/WTF. We are "fools!" Our Destiny clan has been going strong for 3 years or so now. A lot of us fools have been Destiny players since the D1 Alpha. We are respectable fools who don't back stab, love to laugh, and above all have respect/are not rude. We are a non-toxic environment. Yah gotta be able to take a joke though!


Why join the WeTheFools clan¿
Anthem will be the first game that WTF officially supports other then Destiny! We are really excited about it. It has "staying power," but of course only time will tell how good it will be in the long run. We see the Anthem experience as another game that will only be stronger when played with reliable, good team mates that you can enjoy playing with! If you love Anthem? Join us and join a 3 year strong community that loves to laugh and look out for one another.


You said you started out as a Destiny clan¿
Ding ding! Destiny will always be one of the foundational games of the WTF clan. But we are starting to officially "support" Anthem as well now! We will branch out to other games aside from Anthem and Destiny as well. But we will grow at a slower pace then some other clans out there because we won't sacrifice numbers for quality members. Ever been in a big clan/group and felt alone? Your calls for "help with an objective" are overlooked? We don't want that situation to be a thing in here. We want no lady-fool or gentle-fool left behind.


How does Anthem's clan system work ¿
At the moment. . . no one knows! Anthem will have an "Alliance system." However, all information thus far says that it will not be fully realized when Anthem releases. Here is lookin at you "Stronger Together" update. Wink Except for some info that when you play with other Alliance members that you may get a little bit of extra stuff. But no specifics have been released yet because the system is not fully realized and will most likely come along in future update(s).


What's the purpose of having a "clan" for Anthem then?
You want to hop onto Anthem and play with randoms? Or, would you prefer to hop onto Anthem and play with people you know, are relaxed with, and know are "good peeps?" We'd prefer the second option as well! We will play with anyone and are NOT an elitist clan. But it's great to play with friends! If you are looking for an Anthem "clan/alliance" then ask to join us!


So... that's cool and all but how does WTF communicate?
We use Discord. We currently have 3 WTF Discord servers. Our main WTF-Home Discord server. One for Anthem, and one for Destiny. Not interested in Destiny? Simply join our Anthem Discord server. No worries! No matter how the Anthem clan/Alliance system ends up working out, we will have our WTF-Anthem Discord server for communication! You can chat it up in there and tell everyone "jumping on, anyone want to do a Stronghold?" fOoLs will respond and you can meet up in-game! Plenty of good peeps to talk to about Anthem. As well as about anything, bet it to get advice on Javelins, builds, best play methods, etc.



How to join WTF ¿ I want to become a fOoL!
With Anthem's February 22nd release, there will be no "in-game" support for the organization of clans/alliances. Due to that fact, the fact that we don't want any member to "become lost," and keeping in mind not letting toxic gamers in, please request to join our clan by following the steps below!


1. Please send Yoda/myself a private message either on here or (even better) by way of Playstation messages.

My PSN ID is 

2. I'll send you the clan acceptance questions which are essentially don't be toxic Wink.

3. Once you accept I will send a Discord invite link to you to join our WTF-Anthem Discord server!

Hope to hear from you fools... er... Freelancers soon! 

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Re: WeTheFools - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

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Welcome to the clan Cacique! Very happy to have you join us and "become a fool!" :D

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Re: WeTheFools - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

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Active Discord and clan that has been killin it in Anthem! Hit me up if you are interested in becoming a fool you guys! Hope to hear from yah!

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Re: WeTheFools - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

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I sent a message to the TheGamingYoda about joining the clan. Looking forward to hearing back.

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Re: WeTheFools - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

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Sounds great man! I got your message on PSN and just messaged you back on there. Let me know how I can help in the process of getting joined up! Happy to answer any questions you may have! Hope to see you as an official member and chattin it up with us soon!

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Re: WeTheFools - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

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Same. Seems like a chill group, so can't wait to hear back!

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Re: WeTheFools - Join us fOoLs for good laughs, team work, and fun!

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@Donfactor Hey there! What up? Glad to hear it and I'll send you a msg on here right now. Standard smile

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