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Re: Elysian Chests are coming...looking for friends

by Down4TheGB

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Elysian Chests are coming...looking for friends

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Currently Masterwork level Storm (630+) with one Legendary item.

Looking for some reliable friends to make GM1 stronghold runs especially when the Elysian chests start.

However, I'm up for freeplay, contracts, anything. Just trying to get more MW's and a Lengendary or two.

Usually on after 9PM U.S. MST (UTC -6). Also have a mic so we can coordinate (family man so please keep swearing to a minimum)

PSN: jjensen8


Edited from previous version: I used to be Epic level when I first posted this message, but one hour of GM1, HOR farming with some great PSN friends boosted my power rating by almost 200 points and got me multiple MW's and one Legendary. They carried me so much for the first couple runs. So don't be intimidated by my stats. I'm willing to help out any level of player. Plus, I kinda want to build up my Interceptor as well.



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Re: Elysian Chests are coming...looking for friends

★★★★ Novice

Sending you a friend request 

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