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[All] Anthem PS4 Alliance

by Katevolution

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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

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Relax! All good!

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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

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Hey everyone here let's make a Party on PS4. I am still looking to expand the group of people I am gunna play with.


Click my profile pick and drop me a Direct message with you PSN username.



I am 30 living in EU. Will be online all weekday evenings from 7pm CET (Paris) and most of the day on Weekends.


Generally Gunna make a place for ppl who have life, kids, work & bills - if you gotta step out no problem you go handle business but when you need us to game we'll be here to gun some Anthem content.


Message me your PSN Standard smile


Anthem Javelins by MuHut

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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

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This sounds fun. I'm down
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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

★★★★ Guide

@crackdownjr   I sent you a friend's request on PSN but haven't been online for a while (nothing to play).  Hope to have you and others "friended" there so we can form a good sized Alliance on Day One in Anthem!  My main mission will be to level up and get some decent weapons and gear and then like around level 20+ look to do a lot of co-op.  The game is just annoying at first until you start to get a build going.  Can't wait to finally get my first Epic Blastback, man!!!  Whoa Boy!  Keep in touch!  Anyone here feel free to send a friend request on PSN:  bulletw1st.  You'll show up in Anthem and then not sure if that automatically puts us all into an Alliance, probably not, but we can figure that all out, later.  Cheers!

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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

★★★★ Guide

psn: bulletw1st


I like romantic walks along the beach and... oh wait that's a different website!  I live in Canada.  I'm pretty old.  Like not in my 20s anymore.  I'm gonna play the crap outta Anthem until I get my Epic gear (with hopefully awesome inscriptions like LUCK and +dmg)  and would love to team up to tackle the Grandmaster Level 1 Strongholds to get Masterwork stuff--which will likely require grinding sessions so having people to talk with and form solid strategy with would make that manageable and fun.  Eventually, going beyond that and acquiring Legendary items from Grandmaster 2 and 3.  Crazy!!  Looking forward to forming an Alliance with you guys and eventually getting to play Anthem together as well.  Cheers.  Cocktail   Playtime for me is Thursday at midnight!!  High five   p.s. think of all that COIN we can make each other!  Too cool.



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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

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Pretty sure an alliance isn't something you form. It's just the system they use to give you bonus xp from players in your current group and players on your friends list (top 5 xp earners I believe) So add me for free xp
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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

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@crackdownjr wrote:
top 5 xp earners I believe

Too lazy to research this myself but what does this exactly mean?  Top 5 of all the people on a friend's list including yourself and no one else contributes to the group?  If so if you are in the top 5 do you get a bonus?  So confused about this but sounds kinda cool.  If it's only top 5 then does this mean you don't need a lot of people on your friend's list just five people who really, really play a lot.  I suppose if you have 50 people on your friend's list you have a better chance at having 5 that will max out the weekly cap for everyone else.  I'd LOL if you weren't always at the top you sound competitive like that.  I'm just a scrubby grabbit I usually play using a combo of my feet and ears.

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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

★★★★ Guide

Been looking a bit into this... every week you can work up to Level 10 (max) as part of the Alliance system.  If you make it all the way to Level 10 you get the maximum amount of COIN for that week.  Every week it resets.  The top 5 people on your list will like all be at Level 10 by the end of the week so I guess the top 5 will all be tied.  Not exactly sure.  But I guess you might only see the top 5 on the Alliance screen?  Additionally, another way to make a lot of XP is to play expeditions with the same people over-and-over.  You get a lot of bonus XP at the conclusion of expeditions if you're joined with the same people and I guess people who are part of your Alliance.  People who do that, early on, will rank up faster than those who don't.  It's not a huge difference but those who take advantage of this bonus will always be two or three levels ahead of everyone else who are completing expeditions at the same rate.

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Re: Anthem PS4 Alliance

★★★ Guide

Attention Freelancers!

Enlist in Anthem's FIRST Guild Family, The Coalition of United Freelancers!

Check out Szkurzy's interview on Fort Tarsis Radio to find out what is all about, and who the Coalition of United Freelancers are!

Come and check our Discord at:

f you haven't already, come and check out and that should give you a pretty good idea of what the group is about!





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Member of the High Council of the Coalition of United Freelancers

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Dispenser of Positivity, Encouragement & Inclusion


Clear Skies, Full Clips & Cool Afterburners Freelancers!

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