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<FEED> Gaming Guild

by Githil

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<FEED> Gaming Guild

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<FEED> Gaming Guild is a new guild looking to add people that plays multiple games.  We are building things up to have a spot in a SWG Emulated server and here in Anthem so far.  If you are looking to play with like minded people and work together, give us a shot!



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Re: <FEED> Gaming Guild

★★★ Apprentice

With how the difficulty in Grandmaster 1-3 is wouldn't being part of a gaming family be in your best interest?  Knowing the people and how you work together goes a long way in defeating tough encounters and boss's.  Join FEED and lets get to the fun part of farming our Legendary items together!!

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Re: <FEED> Gaming Guild

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So, on the PTS I came across the social window there and something new was there.  The Guild tab!!  With knowing that my friend and I are going to start really looking at getting a group of people together to play with in our guild to do the hardest content possible on the hardest difficulty possible.  We come from a hard core MMO game play background, but we do not do hard core MMO anymore.  We love to min-max our characters to get the most out of them to kill stuff fast!  If this sounds like something you want to be a part of let us know!!

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