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We want you!! Come join GAR and help us recruit for this game!

by Brickleful87

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We want you!! Come join GAR and help us recruit for this game!

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What is GAR?

Grand Army of the Republic is a community for the masses. A hub for players around the world to connect with friends and play video games together. A tight-knit community, that takes everyone’s opinion very seriously, founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members, in a discord themed for Star Wars.

How was GAR Founded?

GAR was founded as the result of a bigger clan breaking up due to drama. GAR looks to use the key elements from that prior discord but without the element that broke it up, drama.

Roles in GAR

Roles in our community work very simply. Anyone joining the server will have the role “Clone Trooper” given to them. From there on there are several game roles with their own categories. Each member can ask for a said role and someone will give it to them. Game roles help show others what kind of games you play and even helps players find groups to play with each other. You can even move up the ranks to Jedi or Special Operations by helping and being active in the discord!

Gaming in GAR

As stated earlier, GAR members play a variety of different games. We have enough members where most people either already play the game you have or are willing to play it. Our discord server is set up where if you play a certain game we will give you a tag of that game that you can use in the game’s text channel or in general to ask if anyone is wanting to play. We also host a game night about once a week where a big group of us get together and play a game (usually free). Although this is not mandatory at all, we see this as a community building event where bonds between friends can become even stronger.

Rules in GAR

  1. Plain and simple, have fun, don't harass people, and no drama
  2. Don’t post links to other communities
  3. Read the Information Category


We prune once a month; inactive discord members will be kicked. If you are kicked you are always welcome to join back, just try to be more active.

We hope to see you in our Discord Channel!


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